Mark Levin: Obama Has Planted The Seed Of War World 3 – Iran Nuclear Deal – Hannity


Hannity Mark Levin : Obama has planted the seeds of World War 3 – Iran Nuclear Deal – Hannity Mark Levin & Steven Hayes Weigh Iran nuclear Deal – Hannity …


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  1. Brainwash is interesting to see,looking for a WMD.

  2. Lisa cheney says:

    Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel will take care of things themselves. Someone has to do it.

  3. Telly Jonas says:

    "Counldn't make a worse deal." Obama could have offered Iran more hostages…

  4. Why does the president call the opponents of this "so called deal" War Mongers,
    but when ever his administration talked about the Military Option, he never used the word WAR !!!

  5. The president says "Iran will do this and Iran will do that",
    When the reality is "Iran might do this or Iran might do that".

  6. Mark Levin is a bigot a moronic neocon a racist and a war mongering dumbass

  7. maj vapely says:

    I want to pee on Mark Levin.

  8. The only people who want us to go go war

  9. CobinRain says:

    I've got a helpful suggestion that could move things along. It seems likely that Iran's main reason for wanting nuclear weapons would be to deter a nuclear attack ON Iran. By Israel. So to reassure them, how about the world community demanding, under threat of punitive sanctions, the Israel AND Iran be placed under the same rigorous inspection regime and if either country has or makes Nukes, they have to destroy them. That would make the middle east a safer place.
    Good idea?

  10. Red Fox says:

    mark levin is a Muslim who thinks that he is white

  11. Lion Gang says:

    fuck this world… just fuck this world. you people can go ahead and blow up yourselves, nuke yourselves or do whatever evil act pleases you. humanity is just ……omg

  12. flirtwd says:

    Israel has 300 American nukes and Iran has zero! Zero! If Israel believes Iran is a threat then use the motherfucking nukes. TODAY!

  13. kevin b says:

    obama is a wimp he could not even get 4 US americans back home..but gave billions of dollars to iran to go after terrorists..gee terrorist after other terrorists..irony! only this statist dept could make such ANOTHER bad deal!

  14. 2468allan says:

    Any of you folks listening to this bullshit from the Fox News Channel really need to get your heads examined. Sean Hannity and Mark Levin are real warmongers who would never send any of their kids out to war, but they want anyone elses' kid to go instead. In the Iraq War, thousand of Americans and Iraqis were either maimed or killed for a lie about WMDs and it is a shame that the GOPers will not help the soldiers who are maimed or on hard luck after serving in the war. They voted against a job bill that could have helped veterans get a head start in the job market. All of this crap about the GOPers caring for the soldiers is a damn lie. As a veteran, I take it as an insult when these chicken hawk ass GOPers refuse to reward veterans who have served in combat. I got this to say about Hannity, Levin, and the rest of these right-wing, racist, bigoted talk show mouthpieces and the GOPers who are in public office: You guys are real assholes!

  15. kevin b says:

    ISIS is already here in the U.S. and in libtard dirt bag'll change your mind as soon as your friends are killed or systematically executed like in Paris! they just have not been activated yet and your BB-gun won't help you! k

  16. kevin b says:

    2'nd amendment rights are a right!

  17. kevin b says:

    I voted for G'wybya in his regime of death..I voted for Obama in his regime of radicalized raping of our constitution..i hate both of them now for their lies and lies and lies! so shut the EFF up moron…i can change my mind after voting for such bastards who i now say are not my this again carefully before you respond YOU dicklessDMORON!

  18. kevin b says:

    Tell it like it is David Levin!!

  19. Obama will veto the bill if Congress doesn't pass the Iran deal. He will veto a bill if Syrian and Iraqi immigrants are blocked from entering America even though 31 out of 50 states do not want that Muslim scum in their states. He expects Americans to eat Muslim shit. He's no Christian. He's a Muslim and now we see why Carson made the comment that America should not have a Muslim president.

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