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  1. It's so frustrating. I try to tell folks or at least open the lines of communication and the ONLY thing that keeps heppening is people stop talking to you, they call you crazy, a conspiracy theorist AND… wait for it…. A HOMEGROWN TERRORIST! Yup.
    Well, I guess when THEY'RE awake, sometime in the future(?) They'll understand what we've been saying. Sadly,I fear, it will be too late.
    Great job GV! keep the faith!

  2. We have 2 enemies the NDAA and SHARIA law. I'm glad this idiot thinks he's speaking out, but all he's doing is supporting the one which would cancel out the NDAA because it is the most barbaric of any laws ever written to enslave people.

  3. Kay B says:

    So today is the day (NDAA) Martial Law is in also coincides with the fact that Joe Arpaio, the Sheriff who is investigating whether Obama is eligible to be on the Arizona ballot will hold a news conference at 3pm est, he said we will be 'shocked'!!! It might even be on 'lame stream' media! I won't be shocked, I knew he was a 'Trojan Horse' to destroy America, BEFORE he was 'placed' into office.

  4. Carol98 says:

    What is the matter with you, GV? Your trying to make a point based on the Russian's point of view! RUSSIA IS NOT OUR FRIEND – THEY ARE TRYING TO DESTROY US! I have been on their site before, and THEIR PROPAGANDA ISALL SLANTED AGAINST THE USA and here YOU are promoting it for them. They obviously have you deceived!

  5. TheGroxt says:

    Jeremiah 50.
    World war 3 begins on America soil.
    Americas Dont care. Maybe 1 perc of america eventhinks its in the bible.
    The rest will literaly beat you to the groundif you try totell them that.
    This is the trap the Lord set for us.
    Americasn thinkthere above everything.
    Especially God.
    That why the atheists and Gatys feel so empowered here.
    They feel protected and above God.
    Rapture and ww3 nukes will all all happen at the same time.
    Russia will take over the papacy. All jesuit planned.

  6. jugifu says:

    Since the first day the internet became available, and many years prior in other forms, this same "WW3 / Martial law is here, right at the doorstep, around the corner"…has been said over and over and freakin over. Stop wasting your time worrying about something that might happen as Im writing this comment or maybe 20 years from now or longer. It seemed just as dire and unavoidable last week, last year, last decade. Imagine all the time wasted thinking about this crap. Unreal.

  7. gvloanguy says:

    @Homebuilder777 Sorry, but it's hard to get real news on TV here in the US. RT is probably biased towards Russia, but what they spoke of in this video is simple factually true.

  8. gvloanguy says:

    @jugifu I'm sixty three and I can't remember ever being convinced that we were in danger of Thermo Nuclear War until now. Not even last year. The last time I felt this was when Kennedy and Chruzchev both had their fingers on the "button". Please take a few minutes to review some of my video's to see what has happened to your country, while you slept.

  9. jugifu says:

    @a2zhandi why cant anyone post intelligent replies on youtube? My comment was passive and exact. How can that be construed as villainous or inconspicuous? Strange.

  10. jugifu says:

    @gvloanguy So lets say (and I hope it comes to pass) that you live to be 103. That is the about the same amount of time forward in time from today back to the Kennedy/Khrushchev tension. The year is 2052 and a video comes out on youtube warning of immenent nuclear war/martial law between the US and China. The first comment says "Im 103 years old and Ive never been more convinced this is it. The last time I felt this way was when Iran and Israel almost caused WWIII in 2012. Live for today.

  11. jugifu says:

    @a2zhandi your perceptioin precedes you.

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