Martial Law: Police, National Guard Invade Baltimore Streets

truther April 30, 2015 1
Jakari Jackson
This is a glimpse of what a martial law scenario would look like with militarized police and national guard being deployed to quell the riots in Baltimore.

Police & Military Dwarf Crowds In Baltimore

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  1. Ltpar May 1, 2015 at 12:06 am - Reply

    Thee is a huge difference between the National Guard responding to Baltimore and Martial Law. In the Baltimore incident the Guard is there to support and back up local law enforcement. The are under the command of the chief law enforcement peron. All Constitutional rights of people are fully in effect.

    Under Martial Law, if declared, the Constitution is suspended and local law enforcement is subordinate to military command. In Martial Law, FEMA would enter from stage left to assume the running of government. The curfew would become permanent and movement of people would be strictly limited. Rioters like those shown in Baltimore would be ordered to disperse and if they failed to do so, would be shot. Any protesters would be rounded up and moved to already prepared FEMA reeducation camps. Let us hope we never get to the point in this country where Martial Law is utilized, but with the Obama Administration I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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