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  1. Reptile 138 says:

    Ironman you are dead to me…

  2. I really like the concept of this group. I thought it would be better if it was this instead of some government thing that people always talk about in real life. Btw have you done Any arcs for the inhumans? Cuz they actually seem cooler to me now.

  3. Don Walker says:

    who you think is the strongest member I think it's iron man

  4. Xero09 says:

    they actually made a slight reference to them in theCaptain America Winter Soldier movie. the roof top scene where they question the hydra agent

  5. Kazenshi says:

    I was always kinda weirded out that Captain America wasn't the Avengers Representative. But he clearly isn't as intelligent as the other members and has a morality that honestly wouldn't allow him to make these dark decisions. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to life Mjolnir

  6. Rizki Vieri says:

    Why it's called the illuminati ???

  7. Where is deadpool in all of those stories

  8. Illuminati scums everywhere

  9. fireflame62 says:

    I hate the back. And forth act.

  10. so marvel is satanic?
    (Illuminati=satanic clan)

  11. They are the perfect example of what happens when some individuals think they are smart and powerful enough to make decisions for others.

    While I like some of them as individuals, as a group, I hate them.

  12. I hate it because they use illuminati of all names

  13. Lord Troll says:

    Loominarty confirmed /o

  14. illminati confirmed mlg memes everywhere at least deadpool kills them all:)

  15. Thomas Smith says:

    they need a different name because of the Illuminati is the name for evil

  16. two words illuminati comfermed

  17. atomic shaw says:

    the hood for the win( the villan group, not the literal hood[s])

  18. Jesse Harris says:

    I don't like the name but I believe it is an interesting concept.

  19. I love the concept but I hate the name

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