Marxist Professor Fails Student For Not Denouncing Christian Faith in Support of Feminism

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Kit Daniels

A humanities teacher purportedly fizzled a Christian understudy for not upbraiding her confidence in backing of Marxism, anti-faith and women’s liberation.

Marxist Professor Fails Student For Not Denouncing Christian Faith in Support of Feminism

The teacher, Lance “L.J.” Russum at Polk State College in Winter Haven, Fla., purportedly gave the understudy four straight zeros on assignments in light of the fact that she declined to concur with his one-sided test inquiries which painted Christianity as false, savage and severe to ladies.

On one exam, the teacher asked:

… Answer the accompanying inquiries in 4 sections (20 sentences least):

1) What is something Lady Julian is stating/doing that ladies ought not be stating/doing around then under the Christian mythos?

2) From the article on the Nuns what makes their insubordination of male strength so imperative?

3) Why did Christianity, and its male divine beings, need to quiet these ladies? NOTE: For the perusing on the Nuns there are inquiries on the last page DO NOT ANSWER them, they are simply piece of the first article. You are to just answer the over three inquiries. SECOND, and this is VERY imperative, I DO NOT need you to expound on how glorious you think Christianity is presently in light of the fact that ladies can do A, B, or C. History will be history and actualities are truths and your feeling on the off chance that it is better now or not is unessential for this talk. This is a HISTORICAL discourse about the medieval times. On the off chance that you truly feel the need to express your supposition on how you think Christianity is currently for ladies you may email me, you may call my office or I would adore for you to make a trip for a some hot tea where we can discuss it yet it doesn’t have a place in this task. The pieces your are perusing a from a percentage of the best articulations of mythology by ladies ever, the inquiry is to respect that voice at that point of history.

“The inquiries appointed are not liberal inquiries,” the understudy replied on the exam. “They rather are intended to lead course members definitively to acknowledge that Christianity is false and onerous of ladies.”

“Moreover, these inquiries are unbiasedly unanswerable, particularly when looked at nearby the inquiries that we were told to disregard.”

She fizzled that task and others which scrutinized Christianity for its “predominance by capable men” and for attempting to “manage the groups of ladies.”

“In this time of evaluation expansion it is hard to procure an evaluation of zero significantly less four continuous zeros,” UNC Wilmington teacher Dr. Mike Adams told Campus Reform. “Educators who do as such are liable to be communicating something specific.”

“A superficial examination of this current educator’s test inquiries leaves little uncertainty about what that message is.”

Freedom Counsel, a religious flexibility backing gathering, said that Russum was “looking to force his own qualities on understudies.”

“Mr. Russum ought not be allowed to utilize his position to rebuff understudies who don’t fit in with his hostile to Christian perspectives,” Liberty Counsel’s Chairman Mat Staver expressed. “No understudy ought to be subjected to such ludicrous predisposition and out and out antagonistic vibe to their qualities by a teacher.”

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