Mary-Kate Olsen Talks about Married Life to Creepy Illuminati Banker!


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Mary-Kate Olsen Opens Up About Married Life With Olivier Sarkozy


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  1. They carry misery in their eyes & faces. I wonder if they ever try or tried to escape. Very sad & disturbing.

  2. Gwen King says:

    That guy has the biggest cabbage I have ever seen ?

  3. These two girls got there heads fucked up so bad it so sad

  4. eric delaney says:


  5. rubixlucifer says:

    I have begun to notice that a many of these A-list stars start out looking like fairly normal girls and young women, but as they get older their faces begin to take a weird shape where they start to look kind of like trannygenders. A few that I have noticed are Emma Watson, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and now the Olsen twins are starting to get that square-jawed trans look. I'm sure if I thought hard enough I could think of a few more celebrities.

  6. Did I hear someone say "Mariah Carey?"

  7. Someone has probably said this before, but Mary Kate (MK) Olsen sounds a lot like MK Ultra doesn't it? That nasty Sarkozy creep looks like the worlds biggest pedo. I'm not one for violence, but he has a very punchable face….

  8. I feel for her. She just looks miserable. Hopefully she can find a way out, and she doesn't end up dead at an early age

  9. moon walker says:

    this is really creepy

  10. ElAlexxis says:

    you talk a lot but don't really say anything relevant, you promote gossip and prejudice and slander and talk about peoples relations who you don't have a clue about, based on how they "look" to you in a magazine.

    what the fuck do you know how that couples relation is in real life? NOTHING.

    you just do like all gossip corporate media nowadays but you do it for free, talk and talk about things you don't know all based on your preconceptions. you don't have any proof of any actual wrongdoing but insist on saying so, you just throw assumptions around.

    see, there are actual problems in society that are pretty important to address, but this is not the way, you are just doing the same the worst commercialized media already does.

    i recommend you to go out a bit more, get some real perspective on life and don't be so fucking lazy, base your videos and comments on facts not gossip defamation and slander. its a really shameful thing to do, even when done for free.

  11. fabric importance equity investigate expense plot economics.

  12. Cinthia 9 says:

    Oh please Mary-Kate. You married him.

  13. former president of france

  14. Kyle F says:

    Hahaha"….if there is anything factual about pizza gate"…
    Really?? Never read any WikiLeaks huh?
    I like u paul. Ur a good man. Pizzagate is very real my friend & John podesta is a satanic pedophile! Sad but true. And that's just the tip of the iceberg

  15. oh yea it's a regular riot, circus,,,,, whatever ughhhh

  16. I always though it was me the men holding kids like there your own kids it was creepy

  17. God just looking at there picture he looks like a phetopile and she looks young as f

  18. Joanne Mann says:

    Full house was not an inappropriate show! I don't know what went on off screen but on screen I LOVED IT! You are thinking of The Brady Bunch as they were totally inappropriate off camera!?

  19. we dont fear these demons, we destroy them

  20. It's very creepy to say the least…?

  21. I blame the parents of these child actors for ignoring the signs in exchange for a lot of money

  22. walter white says:

    I see one of those Olsen girls at horse shows. She ALWAYS has a terrified look/vibe about her. Chain-smoker too.

  23. Tino Dirlic says:

    0:55 absolutely horrific

  24. I just noticed that they have Sanpaku eyes. It is rare and it fits another report saying that the someone targeted Madeleine McCann because of a rare eye mutation.

  25. Nug tg says:

    she don't like him? why'd she marry him? money? well that's your own damn fault. you're not a child youre not forced to do anything including marrying someone.

  26. Her favourite Paedophile sweetheart from her so called lack of childhood …
    The bloke looks like a weirdo , and his brother? Satanist`

  27. she looks like a little girl and it's like he is holding his young daughter so pedophilia comes to mind, love the way you explain things, clear and understandable, thanks for that.

  28. Donna Taylor says:

    Sadly they wanted fame n fortune n this is part n parcel of the deal!!!
    Glad my kids haven't been that into fame and they are safe

  29. LoveJ says:

    This is sooo sad. I pray that The Most High free those girls and all children, adults, prisoners that are forced to be apart of this MK Ultra.

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