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  1. theloldude says:

    hey hey its april not march 

  2. Jeremy says:

    April 21 and nothing's happened yet. More fear mongering.

  3. Nantchev says:

    Well, 4th March came and went…

    And I only found out about this today!

  4. April 24th, bitches!!!! You are full of shit!

  5. redskinjim says:


  6. Ken Smith says:

    Did I sleep through the predicted crash?  It seems every month or two some yeahooo is predicting yet another crash.

  7. Massive rack you have lady, keep up the good work reporting.

  8. Eddy Pardo says:

    still waiting….

  9. gary burns says:

    Richie Griff,  all the Bible's predictions have come true, except Jesus return, which is coming soon.  Your also one of those who would have said that 2008 would have never happened, but it did.  

  10. It's almost June, still no crash!

  11. BBWulf says:

    What really PISSES ME OFF is that all of this financial misuse and abuse has been brought on by our very own Govt. who has intentionally made it this way to intentionally financially collapse the USA. Each & Every member of our Govt needs to be held accountable for Financial TREASON against the citizens of the USA.

  12. BSmenot says:

    I bet she can crash a beer can with one of those cha cha bingos.

  13. wreyaht says:

    That did not happen.

  14. Russia stated that the scheduled collapse in the US in another video I've seen to occur in the year 2017 (Putin ordered his citizens to cash in all fiat US Dollars in Russia).   I am not one to set dates, but this is what I've heard may happen in that year.  We'll wait and see…

  15. Art of Life says:

    Atleast we know who not to listen to.

  16. James Ledger says:

    No one can predict the collapse – it could be decades away. Though you may be angry at my statement, you may just find that I am right. Don't hold your breath people, there is no collapse imminent yet. It will happen, but NOONE can predict it but those who control it. It might happen tomorrow, but we might be hit by an asteroid too.

  17. cyril anand says:

    I loves massive hooters 

  18. packman77 LP says:

    i love big boobs ^^

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