Masters of the World – Ethiopia: Part 4 (to war!)


Masters of the World: Geopolitical Simulator 3 is a super hardcore simulation game released in 2013 where you take control of any country. In this case I have …


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  1. Given how cheap your soldiers are why don't you enlarge your army to reduce unemployment.

  2. 4 admin
    6 diplo
    2 military

  3. andmin3,diplo6military,4

  4. Question: Why are Togo and Rwanda on the security council?

  5. olopi99 says:

    The glorious ethiopian Ice Hockey League

  6. Ozer Beha says:

    as an eu4 leader
    5 admin
    6 diplomacy
    1 military

  7. I wasn't lookingbat my screen and he said: Algeria, you want beef too? And I thought he was going to war again lol

  8. Burak A. says:

    How did you manage to drop your inflation rate? When I play with it, it just keep rising.


  10. I was quite amazed that Eritrea goosestepped on your lands like that and brazenly attacked, despite banning their HoS, called back all your people and accused them of being downright cunts, they really have no reason to attack you. as soon as they did they pretty much just showed the world the demons you made them out to be.

    OH, and largely funding their domestic terrorist cells across their country, buuuuut you never got caught.

  11. dip: 6-UN 100% approvaladm:5-GDP improvementmil:4-Invasion effectivenessaverage:5-Pretty good

  12. Mokie Bie says:

    I Would say a 6/5/2

  13. My Piez says:

    How where you able to attack people without the whole world fkng u in the ass?

  14. TheMatt2001 says:

    EUIV stats
    Diplo 3
    Admin 3
    Military 4

  15. You missed your meeting with the Italian PM!

  16. Arugal1993 says:

    this game is so good….pls make one more series with greece

  17. Noel Wallin says:

    It's obvious that he is 6 dip and 1 adm and mil

  18. dhcamper says:

    I got security council approval to Nuke Saudi Arabia.
    Nothing in this game is 100% realistic.
    Sure is fun though.

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