Math is Illuminati confirmed


The Mathologer sets out to detect the operate of the Illuminati in absolutely every little thing. Showcasing Morley’s Miracle, the Teletubbies, the winter triangle and a great deal a lot more.

There is also a portion two such as an animated evidence of Morley’s Miracle:

Our friend Bryn Baritompa contributed the adhering to neat animation of Morley’s miracle

Get pleasure from!

Burkard Polster and Giuseppe Geracitano


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  1. Star Light says:

    more like the illuminati use mathematic symbols as a language

  2. 666-333= 333-330=3. 0+1=1 coincidence? I don't think so A triangle has 3 sides and the ILLUMINATI is a triangle with 1 eye the Eye comes from the 1 above Math is ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.

  3. zid ferdous says:

    omg that's hilarious . I loved it πŸ˜€

  4. Micah says:

    "preferably in the same spot", lol

  5. nrokpop says:

    Do not fear light for light will not blind you this is key to seeing because darkness is blind with no math behind it.

  6. nrokpop says:

    This gives me a great idea to capture space using these symbols from mathology its like air in a canister

  7. klembok says:

    It would be funny if the illuminati wasn't real and you weren't making a joke of it

  8. SpektralJo says:

    4444 likes! coincidense? I think not!

  9. Mia Gauci says:

    Why does this freak me out so much ?

  10. Young Deok says:


  11. Hey, let's try hard for Illuminati confirmed.
    1) There are 2 Hypocritical (in Hebrew it's another meaning for the word for colored) and one gay politician IN THE RULING PARTY!!!
    2) The gay flag have 6=3*2 colors
    3a) There are 3 edges to a triangle 3b) There are 3 6s in 666
    4a) The gay guy we've used in 1 guy 4b)Israeli politics is Illuminati confirmed
    5) The Illuminati symbol have 1 eye
    6) Israeli politics is Illuminati confirmed
    Now, notice that there is a split into 2 that have 2 steps from the splitting point of 2 and it's start with 3 222*3=666
    OR notice that there is a split into 2 and the second option end with 4, 4+2=6 (4+2)/2=3 3 6s is 666
    OR notice the first option ends with 6 and the second starts with 3, 3 6s is 666
    OR notice that the longest way starts with 1 and end with 6 and the other one ends with 4, 4-1=3 [insert ending here]

  12. Napoleon Theorem=Napol on Thorm+eee/flip the e
    Napol6on Th6or6m=Napol on Thorm+666/insert illuminati
    Napol6on Th6or6m=Napol on Thorm+Illuminati/flip the 6
    Napoleon Theorem=Napol on Throm+Illuminati
    (is it just a coincidence the this theorom happens to cove Illuminati triangles and it's the Napol of theorem ON THROM [a weird drug])

  13. I was watching this next to me mom when he said there is illuminati in telatubbies


  15. Adam S says:

    Pick on a strawman your own size!

  16. the star is spelt sirius

  17. Shihao Chey says:

    super illuminati symbol XD

  18. Typho0n says:

    1776 was America formation, the Illuminati have been around long before then, some say there are links back to ancient Egypt hence the pyramid.

  19. Tony Stark says:

    really some good work

  20. If you took geometry you would know triangles build on themselves and make up almost every shape

  21. 1776 the year that the deceleration of independence was signed

  22. Jules 303 says:

    If that not exist please insult and blasphem baphomet satan and 666 πŸ˜‰
    don't leave your bravour !!! Sure not !!! you have make on you when you have put that shirt on ? shame on you !!!

  23. Jules 303 says:

    You pretty cool bro πŸ™‚ you going to finish in fire just for make a funny vidΓ©o ? if you the brave guy i think and i see this in your eyes !!! You have child after you the life don't stop after your existence you have to think more seriously before make that lie !!! I can debunked everything by this way you make ! that just horrible !!! Please take 1 minute of your life and stop to lie at my people !!! and tel me if is not a big 666 on CERN logo !!! And if cern doesn't discover the boson de higgs ??? and www (internet) and if the CERN is not the most powerful and rich group right now whit 22 country official money ??? You don't have to be joking on that because is not just a game i don't know what you want please tell me the 666 logo is not πŸ˜‰ you are serious thinkin no mafia rull the world ? you think the human is not egoist ??? Everybody want be the leader !!! you very naive or very well paid !!! good luck πŸ˜‰ … 101 ^ hahaha If you 10 year sun tel you something maybe you have to listen him πŸ˜‰ sure illuminati don't are ET but that a very strong group and he rull the world and also he make war for pΓ©trol and you are whit this group !!! very congrat dad no doubt you the most smart guy on eart !!! and very couragous to beat the wrong side πŸ˜‰ so many young people and not young also are dies for fight vs dictator install by illuminati and some dies always, that you do is not coorect if you human and if you make an effort for thinkin at this shit by yourself whitout shame and suspicious !!! some poeple smile when bad people insult her because their affraid !!! like you !!! You have to be aware you are not dumb !!! look for the google chrome logo is the same !

    About 666 and triangle if you brillant you know hazard don't exist in math !!! don't exist !!! you very injust whit our father !!! i don't can think you just choice Orion by hazard and that make me think you on wrong side, sorry for you i hope for you enjoy every time because that not for eternity !!! i don't know what is SUPER illuminati but you play perfect THE SUPER puppet ! you have now to delete this and i have to re write , that a long fight …

  24. Seth Parr says:

    I thought the triangle was the understanding for this world because at it's most basic root it's the symbol for the carbon atom being that's it is a tetrahedron all of the life we know is carbon based life. When the carbon atom aligns to magnetic north it creates the forces that attract hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. Interesting-ley enough water is also a tetrahedron as well as silicon. The star of David is two tetrahedrons merged together. An interesting side note is each of the 24 letters in ancient Hebrew form the star tetrahedron as well as this shape is the electric balance to magnetism and is how data is stored so efficiently within a computer chip (silicon). While I'm not saying the Illuminati does not exist I personally feel the triangle is a beautiful shape and just because a triangle shows up doesn't mean it's Illumanti origin. To further complicate the manner look at the number 1 of any variation (1×1, 11×11, 111×111, etc.) you get a pyramid if you were to plot those numbers. For example 1111 times its self is 1234321 and plotting these you get a pyramid shape. You could also see it from the view that 11 in binary equals 3. I also find it interesting that the numbers 666 and 333 hold some beautiful messages in religions that far out date Christianity and the ideal of 666 referencing the devil is a christian belief. You as a mathematician I would think would see numbers as beauty. My own personal belief is that the illumanti tries to corrupt the beauty of creation and triangles are part of that beauty of creation.

    If you really want to be blown away look up the patent of Karl Drabel a Czechoslovakian radio engineer who in 1959 received a patent for a model pyramid that regenerates a steel razor blade to its full sharpness. He was able to do it by pointing one angle of the pyramid towards magnetic north and then placing the blade under the pyramid so the edge lies in the direction of the electro-magnetic ley lines of the Earth's grid. The word pyramid takes its origins from the Greek meaning 'fire in the center of'. To further continue this ramble there's been numerous farmers especially in Canada grow gigantic foods by using the pyramid shape, Les Brown was one…look him up. I've rambled for some time but I hope I've presented different perspectives on pyramids that you're able to find their beauty and can hopefully disable this belief that because there's a pyramid it's automatically attached to the Illumanti. Help me in recovering the grandeur of the pyramid shape as with out it we simply would not exist as we know today as carbon units.

  25. _ZigZak_ says:

    this vid is halarious ind if he was serious it would be halerious X10

  26. Do you use C.A.R. for your animations? That's a great program for studying geometry.

  27. This video made my entire 2016

  28. SuperNinja says:

    illumiainitai confurmed

  29. Quick! Make this video get 666K likes!

  30. What do you guys think about " Sin(666) = -Phi/2 "

    Angles in Degrees (0-360Β°)
    Phi = Golden Ratio = [ 1 + Sqrt(5) ] / 2

  31. Chance Meads says:

    this channel is vastly underrated

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