MATT DAMON Exposes The New World Order – Must See


MATT DAMON Exposes The New Entire world Order – Should See


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  1. Matt Damon is one of the best examples when actors should stick to acting and not try to talk politics, of which they understand next to nothing.

  2. This actor should keep to acting, not try to think to hard bcs he just puts info out there to sound like he knows. But he does not know anything about Hitler or Russia. The problem here is the "Jewish question" call it like it is.

  3. Do I take this to be Matt Damon is asking us to resist Hussein obama? The rich (he being one of them) should be stripped of their earnings? Complete dipstick, urging resistance to authority to gain compliance with the same authority that is injurious to those of us that obey laws and actually PAY taxes. Damon, please move to another nation.

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