Matt Drudge Tweets Dire Warning: “Self-Quarantine”

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Mac Slavo

The world’s leading news aggregator always stays on top of the most important stories in the world. With over a billion monthly visitors to his web site at, it’s why thousands of media organizations follow his every post. Though seemingly a private person, there is no doubt that Matt Drudge has the inside scoop on many goings on in Washington and around the country. With contacts in high places, it stands to reason that the man behind the largest news source on the planet might get a heads up about key developments every so often.

Matt Drudge Tweets Dire Warning “Self-Quarantine”

Yesterday, after having completely wiped his social media Twitter account clean recently, Matt Drudge posted his first message in months.

It’s a simple message and very much to the point, but for those following the news of failing Ebola containment protocols it’s terrifying.


(All News Pipeline via Steve Quayle)

Maybe Matt Drudge has gotten word of something that we’re not yet aware of just yet.

Or, perhaps, like any concerned citizen watching the Centers for Disease control botch the handling of Ebola, he sees the writing on the wall. The virus, as has been the case in Africa, will continue to spread.

Given what we know of the last 48 hours, the virus made it’s way from Dallas to Ohio and back when the second person to contract Ebola in America, Amber Vinson, boarded a commercial passenger plane while symptomatic. She was approved to fly after contacting the CDC and telling them she had a low-grade fever and had been a nurse treating Patient Zero Thomas Duncan.

There’s no telling how many people Vinson or Nina Pham (Patient #2) came into contact with while they were infected or where those people are now.

Given these latest developments, Matt Drudge may be right on target with his recommendation to self-quarantine.

But is it time to do that now?

Tess Pennington, author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, addresses this in her latest guide: When Should I Go Into a Full Pandemic Lockdown Mode And Self Quarantine?

Before you dismiss this as just another over-sensationalized attempt at fear mongering, understand this: Ebola has a 70% mortality rate and there is no cure.

Let’s be absolutely clear – this is not a common cold or flu. If you get Ebola, odds are you will die.

Pennington outlines several events and warning signs that should trigger your personal lockdown plan. She also goes on to provide details on what you’ll need to survive an extended quarantine in your own home.

For people who have never considered the possibility of a pandemic or large-scale emergency, it sounds simple enough. Lock the doors. No one goes in, no one goes out.

But unless you’ve planned for a pandemic in advance you can expect to run out of essential supplies like food pretty quickly. Moreover, have you considered what you’ll do if utility workers stop showing up for work and the power or water treatment plants stop functioning? What about sanitation – where will you put all that waste, especially if the sewage system goes down along with other utilities?

For those with country retreats or survival “bug outs” and the means to go off-grid, the solution is easy. For those living in cities, working full-time jobs, and kids at school it becomes a daunting task.

Nonetheless, Drudge is right. What happens if this virus continues to spiral out of control and the medical system can no longer handle it? Despite our purportedly advanced health care infrastructure, what if we go the way of West Africa? What if the CDC can’t stop it?

Then, self quarantine becomes the only viable means of prevention.

You absolutely cannot depend on the government to protect you this time. If Ebola spreads, your ability to prevent infection and survive will come down to one factor: YOU.

Are you ready for this possibility?

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  1. Glenn Shumway October 20, 2014 at 8:28 am - Reply

    The official silence concerning COLLOIDAL SILVER as an effective treatment/preventative for Ebola is stunning. This 2008 USAF DefenseThreat Reduction Agency (US Govt) study [] finds Colloidal Silver with a 10-nanometer particle size 100% effective against Ebola at a 10PPM concentration. The stuff we have been making ourselves since 1997 with a CONSTANT-CURRENT, MICROPROCESSOR-CONTROLLED CS generator and distilled water produces particles even smaller (and more effective) than this, in the 1-5 nanometer range. CS can be taken orally, applied topically, as a surface disinfectant, inhaled via atomizer or nebulizer, used as ear drops, nose drops, eye drops, etc. It has been PROVEN EFFECTIVE against over 650 different pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycoplasmas, and even some parasites! It is 100% SAFE, CHEAP, and the Govt/ MedicalEstablishment/ BigPharma all HATE IT because it can’t be PATENTED and thereby represents the greatest challenge to their control over who lives and who dies from this manufactured plague. Got yours?

    Also, in extreme cases. up to hourly anal infusions (enemas) of 1 cup of 15PPM true CS may prove the most effective, since it bypasses the digestive system’s acids altogether, largely eliminating the need for probiotics. For ALL infections involving the lungs, an inhaled aerosol or nebulized CS is best. This can be repeated every few minutes, until symptoms begin to resolve. It can also be used as eyedrops (vs. conjunctivitis, etc.), eardrops (vs. inner ear infections), or swished around in the mouth for infected teeth, gums (vs. gingivitis, etc.), and applied topically for any and all kinds of sores, infected incisions, wounds, scrapes, etc. It can (and SHOULD) be carried with one in a small spray bottle, and used as a general surface disinfectant on one’s hands (after shaking hands!), on handkerchiefs (to serve as an anti-Ebola gas mask!), on doorknobs, armrests, handles of all sorts, dishes, and even as a preservative on stored foods, including cheeses, to prevent mold!!! The uses are truly endless, and we should thank a loving God Who has graciously provided us with this NON-PATENTABLE panacæa which can well serve to insulate us from the devices of the Merchants of Death (MDs) and their bosses, the Pharmaceutical/Medical-Industrial Complex.
    We have been making and using our own TRUE Colloidal Silver since 1997, in preparation for Y2K. (Remember that?) Ours uses a Constant-Current Microprocessor-Controlled device which produces consistently small (1-5 nanometers) true-colloid-sized particles at 15-20PPM strength. This system uses 99.99% pure silver and steam distilled water ONLY, and has an indefinite shelf life.
    Got yours?

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