Max Keiser: There will be a Violent Revolution in America



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  1. Curry says:

    Bomb the dirty muzzies. They deserve death, nothing less.

  2. curiouskath says:

    I knew that America was going to focus on Pakistan in mid-2006. Suddenly the US government started to accuse Pakistan of harbouring terrorists. Then the accusations started flying and the propaganda machine was turned on full heat. Very soon they had sent the CIA in to bomb everything via remote controlled bombs and cars. Exactly the same thing they did to Iraq and are doing to Iran. It is an agenda that the US have (backed and controlled by the Rothschilds no doubt) and now it is REALLY obvious what they are doing.

  3. qudsiya says:

    sorry about last message that said i think obama is horrile to pakistan aand boming i meant to say, i want to say to him ” i have had enought what about all the innocent people dying there what about if you were there my family lives there stop it stop bombing there my my family they liked you but what you are doing now they are very upset i thought you would be the best president of America plese stop i am just getting really annoyed i am 11 years old just stop it and tell Hillary Cliton to do it pplease” thats if i were speking to him but iof course im not am i i wish Barack Obama heard this at least i think he would a bit sad because i know he is not that mean but what is he doing to pakistan just be a normal country like england and loads more. i am just shock what you could do they are CHILDREN dont obama has any, he has a daughter and a son i think, think about them just comment who agrees with me and i honstley think you should and tell me if you disagree i dont want you to hate me but what about if you were that person and you died you wouldnt like it atall so plpease if you have any questions just pop them in and i will hopefully anwer them all thanks alot from qudsiya p.s what it is like? thank you alot

  4. qudsiya says:

    i think obama is being very horrible to pakistan they should bombing

  5. qudsiya says:

    i am very upset that america are bombing pakistan i think they should stop this is all because of a Barack obama he is not filling his promises that he would say when they elected him i think their should be another president of America.all the people are forgetting what he has done and he is trying to cover himself by bombing Pakistan i am very upset i hope this message shows up ( very important)

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