Mayor Bloomberg Orders Raid on Occupy Sandy Disaster Relief Shelter

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JG Vibes

In the response to hurricane Sandy, Occupy Wall Street supporters have shown that voluntary, decentralized mutual aid is far more effective than government programs and agencies like FEMA.

At one point, pictures were taken of occupy sandy volunteers feeding FEMA workers who couldn’t even find supplies for themselves.

Now, super villain and globalist Mayor Bloomberg in New York is thanking them for their service to the community by ordering a raid and eviction on a shelter that they have helped set up and have been using as a base of operations.

For some background information on this case, this message was posted to the occupy wall street website just a few days before:

“This Friday morning Staten Island police representing the mayor’s office have threatened eviction action against the crucial Staten Island hub at 489 Midland Avenue, in the heavily hit Midland Beach area.

Aiman Youssef, a 42-year-old Syrian-American Staten Islander whose house was destroyed in the hurricane, has been running a 24/7 community pop up hub outside his property at 489 Midland Avenue since the day after the storm.

He and a coalition of neighbors, friends and community members are serving hot food and offering cleaning supplies, non-perishables, medical supplies, and clothing to the thousands of residents who are still without heat, power, or safe housing.

This popular hub is well-run, well-staffed, and has a constant hum of discussion, support, and advice as well as donations and pick ups and volunteer dispatch through another pop-up group, volunteers who call themselves “The Yellow Team.”

This approach that Occupy Wall Street has been taking, of competing with inefficient government monopolies, is a strategy called agorism.

Recently i wrote an article about how Occupy Wall Street has been adopting this approach in a lot of their recent projects.

This strategy is so effective and makes the government look so incompetent and obsolete that it is no surprise that they are showing this kind of force to preserve the false legitimacy of their monopolies.

Occupy Wall Street outshining FEMA in the wake of a natural disaster is reminiscent of actions taken by an agorist in early American history, Lysander Spooner.

Lysander Spooner was an outspoken philosopher, abolitionist, and voluntaryist during the 19th century who was not only a brilliant author and speaker, but he also started a letter delivering service to compete with the government post office, which out-shined the state monopoly until it was forced out of business.


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  1. Dan December 5, 2012 at 1:44 pm - Reply

    Just wait this will be coming to your town. Elite ordering you to give up your freedoms and your goods.
    Bloomberg is responsible for Treason against Americans and the Unites States.

    We are supposed to shoot treasoners during wartime.

    • Archie1954 December 8, 2012 at 2:47 am - Reply

      What about traitors Dan?

  2. Stan Sikorski December 5, 2012 at 2:44 am - Reply

    Jewberg needs to be run out of town on a skiff into the Atlantic Ocean. He and that other jew that runs Chicago have no business lording over the people of this country.

  3. Booyah Slim December 4, 2012 at 11:12 pm - Reply

    Regarding the Mayor Bloomberg story,”Good for Mayor Bloomberg!”

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