McLaren 570S vs Audi R8 V10 Plus vs Porsche 911 Turbo S: supercar track battle!


Since 2012 McLaren’s line-up has ballooned from one car to eight – and one of the latest arrivals is the 570S. Based on similar carbon fibre underpinnings to its …


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  1. ganuv says:

    Put them in a drag race and you'll see that the Porsche is faster then the mclaren.

  2. DrewsTurbo says:

    All are amazing, but how could you walk past the Turbo S?

    Collapsed-lung acceleration, AWD for any road and any weather, 2+2 seating, massive build quality, GT ability to blast across Europe and destroy a race track too.

    Astonishing car.

  3. futmut1000 says:

    lol the mclaren is just crap in my eyes, nort worth shit on every aspect….its a race car yet it cant beat a gt like the turbo s with same tires…

  4. Me Ean says:

    I'd have any of them if I could afford them. I am a Porsche fancier but I like the sound of the r8 better

  5. dagnut says:

    the mac is a lot more expensive ( in that spec) regardless what Steve says here.

  6. Cj Vaans says:

    If I can afford them, I'd buy all three. And drive each on different days.

  7. Are there any channels on YouTube where they test all the cars on the same tires?

  8. hate this show they always make the shitty British car win but Porsche is faster is should have been Porsche Audi and then mclaren dummy

  9. Emad Ahmed says:

    I'd take the McLaren, even if the Porsche beat it. Best one among the three.

  10. Fabiano says:

    would take the porsche at any given day

  11. cringlejedi says:

    This guy is so annoying

  12. You Tube says:

    voice over sound quality is shit. Was it recorded in a bathroom stall?

    everything else was excellent.

  13. Put the new NSX out there

  14. daveybaby10 says:

    McLaren are amazing,there's not a bad car in there entire range and the fact they've achieved all this quality in 5 yrs makes it even more astounding,great to see a British car brand beating the established Marques

  15. 2 upside down bathtubs vs a car that belongs in minority report 2

  16. porsche is much more beauftiful with spider rims

  17. Daniel May says:

    0:32 Imagine if a fox ran out in front = worlds most expensive pile up..

  18. All this stuff is so subjective but for me personally, the Porsche is the icon if that kind of thing appeals to you, the Audi is the sexiest and the best value, and the McLaren is just plain ugly. Though fastest, I just couldn't have it. The Audi would have my money, but we all know they're all winners.

  19. Stevie Lowe says:

    damm that mclaren ( like all mclarens) is one awesome car ..well done on a well deserved win yet again

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