Media Now Openly Admitting The Government Controls The News


Alexander Higgins

A trio of Obama scandals has forced the corporate media admit its own reports are nothing more than the government-controlled talking points and not the product of a free and open press.

If you have been following the news lately you’ll notice there are 3 government scandals that the media is focusing on 1) The DOJ spying on the AP reporters 2) Benghazi gate 3) IRS targeting of activist groups.

While each of these are truly a damning indictment of the widespread corruption in our now gone rogue federal government, combing these three stories reveals an even bigger story which is recurring open admission by the media that the news they report is being controlled government.

Media Now Openly Admitting The Government Controls The News

These three scandals have led the media to rebel against the Obama administration in a way that it has not done in the past while at the same time forcing the media to admit some damning facts about the way news is truly originated in America.

The media’s reporting on the scandals has provided the public insights into the operations of the incestuous relationship between the press and the government.

Such revelations clearly suggest the corporate media is telegraphing to the public the American government has just gone way too far out of control.

These three scandals forced the corporate media to admit openly what has long been dismissed as merely conspiracy theory —  that the corporate media is now openly admitting that they are in fact controlled stenographers that do nothing more than echo pre-scripted narratives outlined in talking points created by the rulers of America’s shadow government.

To be absolutely clear, that is not hyperbole nor is it speculation. It’s a fact that the corporate media is now openly admitting their reporting on the Benghazi scandal over the last 8 months has been merely the parroting of statements given by government officials who were merely echoing talking points issued by the CIA.

By now just about every news organization has repeatedly reported the story about how those CIA issued talking points were edited 12 times by various people in the shadow government before they were given to figureheads to relay to the press who in turned echoed them to the masses.

This is a direct admission that the false narrative about Benghazi that has been shoved down our throat as fact by the corporate media was nothing more than CIA issued talking points.

Since subliminal manipulation the consciousness of the masses is now a science that the government has completely mastered, let make make sure you have been deprogrammed before continuing.

Wake up – Every news outlet in the country is admitting 8 months of news reports about Benghazi were nothing more than the parroting of CIA issued talking points.


 Let it sink in.

This is not hyperbole and not sensationalism.

The entire corporate media is now openly admitting what they presented to us as objective independent news reports was nothing more than echoing of list CIA talking points.

Does that not at all disturb anyone?

Most people that are disturbed are merely disturbed by the fact the talking points were lies.

That is what the media is telling us the scandal is.

But the real scandal here, and the one no one seems to have a problem with, is that the media is echoing an actual list government talking points to the public and manipulating the public into believing those talking points were the result of objective independently verified investigative journalism.

Yes the real scandal is that the government is entirely controlling the news and the media is doing nothing more regurgitating an official narrative crafted by spooks in the shadow government.

Those spooks operate in secret and disseminate their propaganda operation instructions to public figure heads behind the scenes who in turn relay that information to the media who then relays it to the public.

Information Operations, Google it.

But the media wants us to believe that the scandal is that CIA’s talking points were lies and that’s the only scandal the media wants you to see.

The media not dare look in the mirror and point onto itself.

Surely they represent themselves to the public as fact checkers who vet and verify all information in their reports.

But nothing can be further from the truth because as we clearly see here even an amateur who made a measly attempt to independently verify the statements issued by the government would have easily outed the falsehoods in their claims.

Instead, the only scandal the media sees here is the fact the CIA’s talking points were deliberately falsified so Obama didn’t catch heat  sothat he could be reelected.

Now look, I don’t disagree that is in fact a scandal and the media by all rights should continue to investigate and expose the truth about that scandal.

But for the well-being of this nation and the protection of its citizen’s that media needs to be held just as accountable because if they didn’t take the government at its word despite a continual track record of lies and deception America would be a much safer place today and the citizens of this nation and humanity as a whole would have a much brighter, safer and secure future.

Instead the media’s incestuous relationship with the government has lead to illegal overseas wars and ongoing bombings in several nations that have claimed the lives of an untold number of numerous people all being perpetuated by an ever-expanding police state that looks more and more like an Orwellian totalitarian nightmare with each day that passes.

Of course the damage the media has allowed to occur will continue to reverberate destructive echoes of carnage upon the masses for generations to come.

The IRS scandal illustrates this point even further. The media has ignored for years complaints from activist groups saying they were unfairly being shaken down by the IRS. Those complaints were ignored even while members of congress of provided evidence to back up the allegations. But what we saw was a corporate media controlled by the American Gestapo that dared not step off script and report anything beside the talking points the government gave them. The same goes with the destruction of the constitution through an escalating campaign of post 9/11 hogwash from the Patriot Act, the NDAA, and drones to draconian measure containing to be pushed by the propaganda machine to implement measures such as CISPA, real-time total surveillance, and the inevitable disarming of the public.

The reason for this is clear but I fear if those in the media do not find the courage to be brave now it wil soon be too late.

News organizations know if they step out of line they their access to their “inside sources” and be blacklisted by the government. For individuals in those organization committing such acts of bravery are career ending moves. When the media steps out of line and reports anything that contradicts official government narrative we see them get targeted by the government, both covertly and overtly. We saw it with the coalition of journalist that sued the government for being targeted through the NDAA and with WikiLeaks.

This of course ties into the third scandal which is the Associated Press being spied on by the Gestapo for daring to report information that wasn’t explicitly authorized in talking points issued by the shadow government.

Yes, every now and then we see outlets such as the Associated Press, The New York Times, or the Washington Post do so-called investigative journalism that adds we are supposed to believe steps outside the boundaries and conflicts with the official narrative. But don’t be fooled. Yes the media reports them as “leaks” coming from “inside sources speaking on the condition of anonymity” but nothing could be further from the truth. Those reports are nothing more than statements given by officials from the same Gestapo who are quoted on the condition of anonymity and those leaks are authorized.

Just look at what is happening to the Associated Press right now. They dared contradict the talking points narrative. Instead they implicated the CIA as being involved in planning a Yemen based terror plot which Al Qaeda operatives were going to attack American airplanes and now they are being targeted by the Gestapo for leaking that information.

Look at the reporting on Benghazi. I did several investigative reports which debunked the government’s narrative soon after the attacks. Many of the details I uncovered in my reporting still to this day are not being discussed by the corporate media so even the reports we are now being given by corporate media about the scandal are still being controlled by talking points or we would hearing much different information about the scandal from the media.

Of course this is typical of a media that simply echoes government talking points. Just look at the reporting on drone strikes, which in every case echoes government statements that militants were killed despite hundreds of foreign news reports on the bombings showing drone bombings repeatedly kill innocent woman and children. The examples are numerous. Iraq’s WMDs, Libya, the BP oil spill, Fukushima and even now we see the same thing in Syria.

Despite the corporate media’s track record, be it unwittingly or knowingly or some combination thereof for various reasons, of acting as an obedient mouthpiece in the propaganda machine this all appears to be changing in the wake of the latest scandals rocking the Obama administration.

This is all evidenced by the fact the media is admitting its reporting is based on government generated talking points which as stated before was never before admitted or discussed openly beyond what has long been labeled the fringe conspiracy theorist crowd.

What is being signaled by this revelation to the public is the government has gone far too rogue and we ought to be wary that what we once accepted as credible news is nothing more than a well-orchestrated campaign of propaganda.

Yet even in the wake of the media’s rebellion we should not get to overzealous as government handlers will soon work to stamp out those who are working to resist the machine.

Mass media news organizations will be forced in one way or another to get their reporting back on script.

For those in the media who read this, the time to act is now. We cannot continue to allow the information that is communicated to the masses by the media, which is the public’s tool to keep the government in check and prevent it from becoming overbearing on the people, to be controlled by a few rich and powerful figureheads working as icy manipulators of a well oiled propaganda machine that for a secret shadow government.

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14 Responses

  1. Ron Bedell says:

    We’ve known this for years. The government controls all media through the FCC, the Council on Foreign Relations, and other organizations. All of the mainstream American media is pure propaganda. The Elites control all areas of government and the American media.

  2. mikael says:


    Even in my litle shitthole of an country, have been strangly silent and always portrays this as an “rebublican witch hunt-aka “rascistic”, becuase Obamalama is the saviour, the light of the world. Not the lunatic and lord of piss and drones(childslayer), and he will never do anything that hurts inocents, right, UssA bombs only people that wanst democrasy so fast that it have to be bombed into their land, and eveybody nods along.

    No, nothing would happen to him, and the show must go on.
    They have a world to “save”.
    The next phase is probably, to skipp forther humiliating and downright losy FalsFlagg/black ops un us and go for the great one, the final batle on the Arabic world, for their masters The Zionistic that is given the keys to the UssA.
    Thats their last “chanse”.
    The war will come.

    The second issue is the only good fallout from this reasent AP/DOJ/IRS/FBI/CIA/a.s.o/ e.t.c., is that the MSM is by large reveiled to be whats been OUR issue all along, controlled and utterly corrupt, with no credibility at all. I consider CNN/BBC/SkyN/a.s.o./e.t.c to be comedic and downright hilarious, the propaganda so obvious, and the faked and always twised “news” is second grade drivel, and they always asume we dont know jackshitt.

    This is what I hope is the beginning to the downfall of the MSM, the Vatican/RobberBaron (zioNazis/freemason/neoNazis/wahhabist/a.s.o./e.t.c) is controlled(oposition) sites(orgs), we all know by now.

    Wake the f..up.


    • 5 War Veteran says:

      You remind me of my friend Jose I would tell him that Venezuela is not a shit hole. Though it is getting there. Much like the USA is heading with uncontrolled politicians and illegal elite.

  3. JWalker says:

    It doesn’t matter if something is ‘copied’ or ‘pasted.’ Who cares? MAYBE..when it was on the site the first time.. YOU didn’t see it. Oh… well then, why not post it again for those who may have MISSED IT? Oh.. what a great idea.
    I have found ‘so much’ on the internet that I haven’t seen.. and I tweet it no matter how old it is… for those who didn’t see it when it’s new.

  4. 5 War Veteran says:

    The media will not do anything their elite masters tell them not to. Obama is somewhat anti Zionist. So the Elite if an when they choose will burn Obama at the stake.

  5. JWalker says:

    This is NOT news. It’s been this way for decades. Anyone who is ‘starting’ to believe this… then this is the first day of your ‘true’ life. Your parents, their parents and so on.. and so one…have been lied to and told ONLY what government wants you to hears.
    For example… Aurora Shooting.. any REAL evidence? No…JUST WHAT MEDIA TOLD YOU. Sandy Hook.. aside from the actors.. any real evidence? No…JUST WHAT MEDIA TOLD YOU. Boston Bombing… any real evidence? Both kids were caught ‘alive and well’ with no blood. The elder was killed intentionally by police / dead. The young one? Shot in the throat. Any ‘moving’ proof? NO…JUST WHAT MEDIA TOLD YOU. ALL 3 were false flags.
    This is how the Sheep are fed. If media says so…then it must be true.
    Where’s the video footage from Aurora or Sandy Hook? You’ll never see it. The pentagon? Nope.. video was confiscated. YOU aren’t suppose to KNOW the truth…just what government wants you to hear. Behind every false flag is a REASON/AGENDA… Gun control
    They need the guns gone to complete their ONE WORLD ORDER.

    They even ban anti-government comments on some news sites.

    Time to wake up… this is NOT NEWS !!

  6. Elaine says:

    When did the media stop reporting the REAL NEWS? I only know this was the first incident that I became aware of.
    Bush Boy was running for President. There was a newsman in Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX that reported his background in the Air National Guard:
    1) Seldom showed up for formation;
    2) Crashed a plan while drunk.

    He was immediately fired and never worked in the media again. “IF” you are interested to see who I am talking about, go to and get “In the Electric Mist” with Tommy Lee Jones (it is a keeper movie!).
    He plays the part of a cop. Yep, that’s him. Playing bit parts in movies.

  7. Davidus Romanus says:

    Let me get this straight. The media has been a mouthpiece for the gov’t for years, and now they’re suddenly waking up? Get real. This is just Obama’s masters throwing him under the bus.

  8. Mahomed Saleem Moorad says:

    i have not read the article but im waiting for mainstream media to say its Zionist controlled.
    just saying the govt controls it, is not saying much since the govt are also puppets of the intl Zionist bankers.

  9. ravenmaven says:

    Old news! The same ones that run Washington own the main stream media! That is the reason their ratings are in the toilet.

  10. Elaine says:

    I know when you open your inbox, you see the same article “copied and pasted” MANY TIMES into their site; and most of the time, they cite the original at the bottom.

    When I see a Noteworthy article, I email the author requesting permission to upload it in its entirety; and I have yet to be turned down. They are interested in seeing the news get out IF someone can make it more public.

  11. Graham says:

    Do Pakalert Press just copy and paste from elsewhere? Who is editing these articles? The spelling and grammar is now so bad that it is almost unreadable. And these editors are on a good salary for NOT being able to spell or have any basic grammar skills. There are parts of this article that are repeated, making it even longer than it should be as you are reading the same bits twice. Is this to put people off reading them? Yes it’s scandalous, yes we’ve known all about it since the 80s, what are you going to do about it?

    • SunEast says:

      Hello Graham,
      Let me define “copy and paste from elsewhere”…
      A writer/journalist who steals the work of another is called a plagiarist. One who takes from the works of many is called a researcher. At least Alex tries to write it in his own words as much as possible. Nevertheless, I read news from controlled and unfiltered media … and guess what — they are all similar respectively.

  12. DDearborn says:


    Clearly this article is partisan. The media has been a mouth piece for the government for more than half a century. In particular the media’s ability to provide a completely biased and one sided narrative regarding israel that perfectly parrots the zionist party line. This has been going since the creation of israel.

    Suddenly the alternative media along with the MSM itself has “discovered” that the media works for Obama? come people the media works for and answers to zionist interests first and corporate interests second. The interests of the public are not even a factor in the equation. Rmember who owns and controls the American media. Zionists jews control the US media apparatus.

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