Media war 9-11 Binladens double false flag Part 3



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  1. P6) The other economic and military effect is that Saudi wealth has bought influence in the US – many Americans assume affluence means legitimacy or indeed ethicacy or goodness – this is very seldom the case in terms especially of feudalist crime families, the Saudi's have used the Bandar family to gain contracts and intel – the Saudi's also use the Binladen's invite by Thatcherites to UK & US to help service the infrastructure that oil firms and financial sectors require.

  2. P7) As for intel they cultivated long relationships US based crime families, as well as co-opting legitimate businesss organizations and political families of the demos via greed and fear (i.e the Govt, people, legal police etc, they layer that most people believe runs things – in most respects it is true – feudalism families are not in control but they can have local control or high influence on events, there are always opposing forces for good, not just evil winning all the time)

  3. P7 b) The point I am making about intel & shadowing ops is important in the respect that the Saudi's knew that operation Northern vigilance (an excersise by US and Canada against a hypothetical Russian artic attack) would take place on 9/11 and that the US East coast would be unprotected except for 5 fighter jets – as for "bombs in the buildings" its is possible that Saudi's could of dove tailed an op with Alqueada & Binldaden ops; since all build and have demolished buildings of wtc size

  4. P8) As for "bombs in the buildings" – this however does not point directly to any domestic feudalist family based in the US working in co-operation with Saudis, Bandars, Binladens, and the ISI ALQUEADA, AQKA, or AQ khan networks which are all just tenticles of Saudi feudal power – the Saudi's have via pakistan defacto nukes – they have killed millions in M/East & thousands (entire families) in the west just like the other western based Organized crime families – without much media interest.

  5. P8 b) The more important point is that feudalist families based in US (some like Thatcherites who are even worst than most of the members of Saudi feudalistic families in terms of degenerate behavior (but much less powerful than Saudi families) have no interest in confronting or helping the Saudi's directly – they would rather reap the political fall out working both sides of the argument – shepherding the US to war in Iraq (i.e Goldman Sachs Exxon JP Morgan etc)

  6. P9) such US based crime families playing up both Fox / PNAC neocon war drumming as well as talking up "inside job" to make it more possible to blame bush and Clinton etc who had nothing to do with 9/11, i.e using treason trials to remove constitutional govt in US – it is thus US crime families noting 9/11 after the fact and wanting to use 9/11 to dove tail with the gains of an external Saudi feudalist attack using ALQueada and Osama as a pawn against the US & US govt

  7. P9 b)
    with a very separate US based feudalist family motive (by using the blow back and out rage of US domestic views of both extremes from fox neocons to the "inside job" movement) – their motive is more seated in traditional organized crime of removing US democracy and co-opting demos power structures against the US national-society and US govt power

  8. P9 c) – i.e US based feudal organized crime families motivation was a domestic coup-de ta by US based crime families against US constitutionalist traditions – which like the EU's traditions come from the Enlightment and western rationalism – i.e Jefferson and Paine and in EU social markets and constitutional democracy.

  9. P9 d) – this is why the Saudi based feudal families and thatcherite ultra-conservative based feudal families (even though Thatcherites and Saudi's are themselves enemies of each other) based in US & UK hate and fear the EU & US govts as they are democratic and constitional and too big to be threatened by such feudal families – despite corridor of fear tactics that may of been used on 9/11 as well as the plane strikes as the primary weapon of the Saudi, Bandar and Binladen op

  10. Part 9 E) – anyway now Osama is dead the US politicians including Obama just sold the Saudis 80 billion dollars worth of arms in 2 stages and UK is still dealing with Thatcherite power and Bandars over the BAE arms deal and fruad – we in the west have to keep our house in order and well as riding ourselves of the house of Saudi and other crime families in M/East and those base in the west but who are not for the west.

  11. Sorry for so many replies – but these subjects are covered in my other videos – just think of my many replies as video guides or journalistic bullet points to remember.

    All the best


  12. As I said I am sorry for many replies but I hate criminals / terrorists – it is not and should not be seen as seperate when they use finacial or physical or political tactics of terrorism – in the end analysis it is evil people without empathy using terrorist tactics to serves their own selfish degenerate instinct – the only certain thing is that the evolutionary trend towards social and rational instincts means those criminals are and will increasing be on the loosing side.

  13. On religion) The western rationalist conception of God in philosophy is a concept that God is reason – thus religious irrationality is moving away from the concept of God as reason

  14. On religion P2 a) – I am not staking a position for or against or neutral on God but those religions, (particularly it seems of M/East origin of Christianity, Judaism, Islam in their most extreme forms.

  15. P2 a ( ) continued – As well as that evil religion that does not even try to claim that it is in service to God but in opposition to God – i.e what ultra-conservative thatcherites MF such as Brevik in the Oslo attacks believes in) who use violence and irrational superstition are in fact working against the principle they profess to support.

  16. On religion Part 2 b)
    If conceptually God is reason then the religious terrorist is working away from god – thou shall not kill is a universal point in rational philosophy.
    Also we seem to think religion of M/eastern origin is removed away from the critical eye – why probably because these religions have violent fanatics or that the region is on fire with chaos and murder over a lake of oil – (could not help the biblical reference or allusion there) –

  17. On religion and philosophy part 2 c)
    we do not give enough reference to religion as misunderstood philosophy and we use philosophy every day to organize our own lives and our human society –

  18. On philosophy P2 c concluded) – most social democratic western rationalist ideas come from the interplay between Roman epicureans stressing the Good life of comfort and the scientific method on one hand and the Stoics on the other demanding a life of reason & bravery against the Tyrants and tyranny of coercion – this is what formed the western world as well as enlightenment ideas, social democracy and constitutional nationalism and beyond that the continental unionism model i.e US and EU etc.

  19. I believe that religion plays a major role in why there is so much turmoil & hatred among different cultures in the world… Many religious or so called religious leaders abuse their roles creating an atmosphere of irrationality…

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