Meeting with Allah in the Hereafter



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  1. aboeyahya says:

    Assalaamoe Alaikoem,

    Djazaak Allahoe Khair for posting this video.
    Masha Allah la qua'ta illa bi Allah.

  2. Adil Khan says:

    Subhan Allah , what a beautiful recitation and a beautiful message from beautiful Quran , May Allah (swt) guide all human being to right path and let all the soul can feel the beautiful love and eternal joy which is in remembering beautiful Lord , Allah(swt) Dear readers have any one ever thought why when we read Holy Quran and its message's our soul cry?? its the sign of its purity and trueness because our soul is pure and it always react with purity which is Holy Quran.

  3. Muna Uwais says:

    mashallah that was sooo beautiful! it brung tears 2 my eyes mashallah may allah (swt) leads us 2 da right path inshallah !

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