Mega Tornado : Documentary on the World’s Most Deadly Tornadoes (Full Documentary)


Mega Tornado : Documentary on the World’s Most Deadly Tornadoes (Full Documentary). …


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  1. Look at the August 28, 1990 tornado in Plainfield Illinois and look how far we came

  2. The hail is usually north of the tornado so if you're chasing and you see magenta or white on the radar that is hail don't punch the core and don't get caught in the bear-trap between the hook and the mesocyclone

  3. The super twister are punisment

  4. "Putin Obama" !!……. absolutely brilliant?

  5. 25:16 is that a 66 bonneville ragtop? damn

  6. rip2shred says:

    Oh no, they went to that Dairy Queen in Shamrock TX, where you can't get Ranch or BBQ dip with your chicken strips. Only gravy.

  7. may 1999 may 20 may 31 was worst times i ever seen i meh life

  8. From gods creations

  9. its gods master piece

  10. Chuck Tom says:

    Noooooo not Mama Lu's diner!

  11. EvilMadness says:


  12. Tara says:

    tornado season is the season mother nature is on her period

  13. Any specific reason why Americans don't build houses with bricks?

  14. Jackie S says:

    you cannot predict 100%……….. anthing that God controls people!

  15. Never outrun an tornado

  16. I'm sorry…. "We couldn't get the door closed because of a guy in his wheelchair, we felt bad for him and then it was over…." 5:13 I'm like wait a fucking minute! No, unacceptable! You yank the guy out of his wheelchair, shove the chair out the door and slam the door shut! How fucking inhumane can you be? What, he's a cripple, his life doesn't matter? I fucking hate people for this very reason…. Tornado or not, ALL life matters. I've lived through tornadoes, plural – if you mind the weather and are paying the fuck attention, you know when to take shelter. That was fucking unreal to me, I'm sorry.

  17. The hunt for the "Super Twister" was over in Jerrell TX in 1997. A tornado of that ferocity is a once in a 100 year event. Maybe we won't see one like that again.

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