Melbourne Airport Plane Spotting – Sunset Landings! 787, A320, A380, BAe146, A330, 777 and SA227


Summer is a fantastic time in Melbourne, Christmas, Boxing Day Sales, Holidays, Nice Weather and the beginning of a new year. Although, for us spotters here …


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  1. Awesome compilation, A big like! Nice camerawork and lighting. Planespotting at sunset and sunrise is great.

  2. CSpotting says:

    Amazing compilation, I love the lighting! 🙂 Liked!

  3. What kind of camera do u own?

  4. Rahman Sajid says:

    Awesome vid mate gorgeous sunset

  5. Amazing video, great mix of outstanding airplanes and a perfect lighting atmosphere. Perfect filmed!

  6. dfens360 says:

    Nice one HD! Great work as always

  7. subbed you cool channel! please check out me and maybe sub me back! Thanks, my friend:) Happy New Year 2016 :)

  8. FRA Aviation says:

    Just wow. This video was amazing, I just had to subscribe 😀 I'm excited for more now! Keep it up

  9. Great video mate!

  10. chuks says:

    Your videos are a pleasure to watch – you capture the details as it should! keep up the good work and we will keep on watching!

  11. Hey dude I'm from Melbourne and I plane spot at Sunbury Road How do you spot in sight of the runway????? Like near the fence.

  12. Really nice video. Beautiful light and great airplanes, smoothly filmed! Greetings from Germany. :)

  13. crosswind says:

    cool spotting video…:-)))

  14. Aviatorspot says:

    Great landing compilation in twilight! That cam really capture low light very well!

  15. Schony747 says:

    Nice compilation and camera work

  16. Amazing footage!

  17. Very cool! Subbed! Love the jetstar 787 at the begining! Super! Keep up the good work!

  18. Phong Thiên says:

    The BAE is a channel

  19. Awesome video! 🙂 I went spotting the other day and I have enough to do a compilation. What aircraft would you recommend putting in the video?

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