Men of War – World War 3


설명 .


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  1. From men of war to a clip from the movie Sum of all fears? Lame.

  2. Nazar Ukolov says:

    Видео классное но франция с советскими трущобами – ето перебор)))

  3. do you you even blive in jesus becuse he made you and if you dont then go yo hell why is that you name

  4. why is half this video from some war movie?

  5. What are your setting on?

  6. Gang Banger says:

    what mods you using?!

  7. Tin P says:

    Just wondering, what mods do you use ?

  8. Мододел, ты тупой как жопа – как в Германии на стоянке оказался 130 ЗИЛ и копейка?

  9. In principle, a good movie) has a couple of nuances … the Soviet example of construction in Germany and France or Russia's war against Armenia. Brad, to be honest) Fantasy fiction, but it's a bit overkill in my opinion. Also, in my opinion, not enough infantry takes part in the battles, all the tanks so other armored vehicles.

    And since video is very good. Like.
    Apologies for the spelling, my English very bad)

  10. Res Dicker says:

    ага, мы русские такие, сегодня нападем на Армению, завтра вторгнемся в Москву

  11. C ubicle says:


  12. cade wood says:

    lol the French tanker got out an ran just like in world war 2 hahahah some things just never change

  13. где можно мод этот скачать

  14. дай сылку на мод

  15. hey this is offensive your telling us that were gonna die

  16. by the way I'm an Filipino your invading us

  17. Lol wtf half the vid is a movie?

  18. 임호현 says:

    마지막에 나온 영화 이름이 무엇인가요?

  19. WW3 will be nothing but a bright flash. Than it's all over.

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