Men Try The “No Makeup” Look


“This is not working!”

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Kelsey Lujan


32 Responses

  1. That guy at 3:43 is so freaking adorable. Wow. I just want to hug him and never let go.

  2. Michaela B says:

    Just sitting here like, "oh no…oh no! Oh no!!!!" You're all gorgeous.

  3. Ayesha Tabby says:

    When he baked his face under the light at 2:27 ???? "That's good!"
    I DIED ??
    If only it was that easy ?

  4. Bake you face, shines light on his face
    Fave part lol

  5. LoveSaddity says:

    buzzed should put all of the woman experiences together and make the try guys do it all for 3 days… period cramp simulation with the blood and uncomfortable clothes, while having boobs and breast feeding with having to wear makeup and do long hair while wearing heels everyday… maybe then they would understand why women are so emotional at times and how strong we actually are.

  6. 10min to do this? heck, i couldn't even do this..

  7. Chanel #1 says:

    Wtf at the out of time music

  8. that The Growlers t-shirt ???

  9. 1:51 I laughed so hard at his reaction lol

  10. Lara says:

    the guys w the red beard & camp sweatshirt are cuties omg

  11. Lara says:

    this is actually so cute

  12. I learned to write like this

  13. 2velaR says:

    I love how he applies the age rewind concealer without taking it out just the clean sponge on his under eyes lol

  14. Kiana Shae says:

    Guy in the grey sweatshirt could GET it

  15. Jenn Cardona says:

    For anyone who can't get past the name, another way to think of this is a "natural look" or natural makeup. Basically looking natural while wearing makeup.

  16. Kayla Doll says:

    i love the hispanic guy

  17. Lotte Kern says:

    Why is the boy on the left wearing nailpolish??

  18. "(optional) bake your face"
    puts face in lamp ??

  19. des says:

    that growlers shirt

  20. Nur Syahiqah says:

    Lol when garrett put a lamp to his face to 'bake' ?

  21. I LOVE THE LITTLE OOMPA LOOOOOOOOOMPAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3 he's so cute like a little baaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Chloe Msp c; says:

    omfg did I do it

  23. "What is my skin tone, like, clear?" LMAO

  24. bornfreelola says:

    this is me doing makeup!

  25. Does anyone know the song played in 3:10? Thank you

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