*~~Message: Welcome to the New World Order~~*


Welcome to the new environment order. In this specific documentary we will expose to you the real truth about the united nations.
Indicators and Symbols rule the environment.


Procedure of Selecting and Appointing the next UN Secretary-General

http://metro.co.uk/2015/05/twenty/nasa-will come-up-with-an-worldwide-flag-of-earth-5206066/
http://www.expose1933.com/68-united states-incorporated-exposed.html


some resources employed: ApocalypseTruth/NowTheEndBegins/We Are Modify Slovenia/walter veith/friendofYeshua/TruthUnveiled777

For a lot more you should visit: http://el.saianarchy.com and http://saianarchy.com!!

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  1. Thank you brother ♥ ☮ ☯ ⛛

  2. very informative and great video, thanks fearless

  3. Vera Buen says:

    At 13:23 mins in video clip the People sitting isn't that the shape of a Wreath? thanks!

  4. Vera Buen says:

    P.s i've seen Marine Men's Caps and some Anons with the Wreath Symbols. Well it's great that You Anonymous/ Anons warn People of dangers.May You All be safe & Blessed!

  5. Vera Buen says:

    Hello Beauitful Fearless 1 hope Your doing great! Hey thanks for answering me back.Now i'm worried about Everything going on in America & Trump's going to Need help from Every American & Vets to Repair the damaged done to America by Corrupted System & Crooked People! No wonder You Anonymous say F the System! Thanks!

  6. arthur wolf says:

    I found you! I been looking for you and all of y'all I want back in the team… I lost the Belgian templar and now I can't get back in please get a hold of me

  7. Vera Buen says:

    Thanks for Your videos and what is Trump & Pence Role dealing with the nwo?

  8. Vera Buen says:

    well i notice that wreath and what does it stand for? Thanks!

  9. mack bolan says:

    Shared to Minds/Vidme by TruthLiesNLiberty

  10. mack bolan says:

    Thankyou FearlessOne and Thankyou AnonomousDK

  11. Nick says:

    ….it's almost too much to take in. Thank you for your time and research. Continue to spread truth my friend.

  12. Another great one. Wonderfully Informative as usual.?

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