Methane Bubbling In New Orleans 70 Miles From Sinkhole!

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Mark Brander

The situation in the Gulf is more critical than people realize. Expect this to escalate at any time.

The bubbling in Assumption Parish Bayous and New Orleans is the result of migrating gas from the methane hydrate deposit breached by the BP deep well. At pressures up to 900 PSI and temperatures of 400 F the crude has been forced into, and has been melting, an enormous deposit of methane hydrate beneath the seafloor, for over three years now.

Methane Bubbling In New Orleans 70 Miles From Sinkhole!

The highly explosive and poisonous gas threatens the entire Gulf region, and is no doubt, the cause of the mysterious underground  explosions and earthquakes reported in numerous states.

Strange things are now happening at the sinkhole, pressure at the brine well is 600 PSI and officials are quite baffled. Link to story.   Read the numerous prophetic warnings following the videos, they began in 2010.

This Woman sees Explosion In Gulf Set Off New Madrid

Jesus shows this woman California goes before explosions set off New Madrid.

Vision Of July 21, 2013 sent into Steve

Hi Steve, and God bless. I wanted to share a vision I had last night.

Beginning: I saw a map of the U.S. laid flat,  it was a large map. Everything surrounding the U.S. was in shadow and the U.S. continent was highlighted in a tannish white color.

Then the map started to tremble then shake and wobble violently. The map started to tear just west of Texas moving in a N. by N.W. line and at the same time it tore around Louisiana up towards the Great Lakes. When these lands broke apart it wasn’t like a line but great cavernous openings.

The waters around the W. Coast were in shadow but were being sloshed all over California, like when you tilt a fish aquarium and set it back down. Up through the La. Opening water was rushing backwards at first then gushed back up towards the Great Lakes. End of vision.

Prophetic Map Of Innundation From New Madrid Disaster

God’s Judgement In The Gulf Of Mexico

Book 12 Chapter 71,  Prophecies.Org

Rise up, oh blessed daughter of Mine! For, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, King of Kings, and the Only Saviour! Sit and write; for My word must go out to a hungry people, to a dry and parched land!

My Little One, do you see what I have done? Do you see? For, I have taken My axe to a dry tree and I have hewn it down! I have taken My axe to an unproductive tree and I have hewn it down! Great is the fall of this tree, a place, where many dark and evil, black birds have nested!

Wickedness and gross wickedness has continually spewed forth from this tree until it has killed itself; for the whole tree has made itself a haven for what is evil and abominable in My sight! A foul stench has continually come up into My face from the wickedness of this evil tree; and I have hewn it down!

My Lord, what is this evil tree and where is this evil tree?

My Little One, this evil tree is the whole coastal region of the Gulf States! This tree is but one offshoot of a greater tree; and this greater tree is the whole of the United States of America! What you do not see from this vision is that this hewn tree is but one very large branch of a large tree; but to you it will surely appear to be a very great tree! And, it is a tree, unto itself, but still a branch of something much larger!

Make it known, My Little One! Publish what I give you and send it far and wide; for I have looked upon the whole Gulf (of Mexico) region of the USA and upon all Gulf (of Mexico) states and I have marked them! I have taken My mark-out pen and I have colored them all in black! I have set a determination against them and I shall totally erase them from off the map of the USA if they do not humble themselves and repent en masse before Me!

For, they are full of evil! Full of adultery! Full of fornication! Full of sexual perversions of every kind! Full of extravagance! Full of witchcraft! Full of idolatry! Full of whoremongering! Full of lying mouths and deceptive ways! Full of the “good-time Charlies!” Full of every kind of evil!

Mark My word in this! For, if those in these states, and those in these states, who are called by My Name, do not repent, I shall send storms, I shall send tsunamis, I shall send earthquakes; and I shall send famine and disease until I have eradicated this evil out of My face! I have set My face against these Gulf Coastal States and I shall not be satisfied until I have destroyed this great evil!

The time of great woes has begun in America! Woe, woe, woe to you, oh America, the slut of the world! Woe to you pornographers; for if you will not repent, you will burn in the fiery chastisements! Woe to you adulterers; for if you will not repent, you will be destroyed in the Lake of Fire! Woe to you preachers, who do not have My Spirit, who preach for gain, and who lead My people astray! For, if you do not repent, you shall have your place in the fires of Outer Darkness! Woe to you covetous, to you liars, to you workers of witchcraft; for if you do not repent, your souls shall be required of you in the fiery chastisements! Woe to you, who love this wicked world and what is in it; and you do not love Me! For, if you do not repent, your soul will perish in the burning flames!

Oh, you mockers and scorners! Woe, woe, woe to you mockers and scorners; for if you will not repent of this great evil, your soul will languish in the flames of correction for a very long time!

It is time for all to stop wondering about the Gulf oil disaster, about who did what and who did not do what! For, I, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, set My sights upon it, I set My determination upon it; and I brought it to pass!

Yea, you marvel that Satan caused it and you marvel that British Petroleum caused it; and you marvel that the fall of the fail-safe measures caused it; but I tell you that I, Myself, determined it! And, unless great numbers of you in these coastal states fall upon your faces before Me with weeping and repentance for your great evils, for your great sins and rebellions against Me, you will not see it stopped, not in your lifetimes! Not only will you not see it stopped, but if many of you, on reading this warning, mock and scoff this message, I will further blow out this well and further inundate you! I will so greatly destroy these coastal states until few of you are left!

Oh, you have thought to contain this great mass of oil and contaminants through your self-sufficiency; and you have thought that British Petroleum would contain it, or that your government would contain it; but I tell you that if you will not repent in great numbers, in weeping and in great tears for your evil ways, and turn from your evil ways in great numbers, you will not be spared! For, I have marked you, oh Gulf States, and I will not be satisfied until I have eradicated this great evil out of My face!

Oh, wake up, you harlot nation of America! For, I have put you in My grinding machine! You have entered into the time of great and terrible woes! My hand of correction is upon the whole nation and you shall fall, oh America!

The time of the fulfillment of all My warnings against you has come! And, now nation shall rise up against nation! Hunger and famine shall cover the earth! Missiles shall fly between nations; and America will surely be attacked and greatly destroyed with nuclear weapons!

For, I have raised up My prophets and I have sent them all across this nation; and to many I have given dreams and visions and warnings of things to come! But, as I have delayed in My great judgments against this nation, many of you have said, “Aha, these things did not come to pass!” And, you have labeled as “false” my true prophets! Oh, what a mistake, what a very great mistake you have made!

For, I tell you now; and this is what I do know! Though this message should be disseminated far and wide in this nation, few of you will repent, though I tell you to repent! For, your hearts are hardened! Your spiritual eyes are blind and your spiritual ears are deaf! Therefore, so many of you will look upon this message and you will further lift yourselves up in your pride and arrogance!

For this reason, these judgments will surely befall you! For, though I warn you now, even as I have warned you so many, many times to repent and to forsake evil, the greatest numbers of you will not listen; for you are lovers of selves, proud, haughty, boasters! You love this world and what is in it and you will not turn from your evil ways!

However, a few of you, will read! You will hear! You will see and you will repent! But, not the greatest numbers! This is why you are now seeing the great judgments of the Book of Revelation as they unfold in this nation and in the whole world! For, judgment begins here in this nation, in My house; and I will not be satisfied until I have purged My whole house!

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of June, 2010,  Linda Newkirk

Continue reading methane warnings on next page…..

New Madrid Prophecy March 01, 2008

My Little One, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Precious Child, you have come to me, seeking, fasting, and longing to know more as regards the terrible fate of the New Madrid Fault! And, although, I showed you this massive destruction years ago, I showed you more of a bird’s eye view! Now, as you seek Me with a great longing, I shall show you more of what awaits both America and Canada as regards one of the greatest and most unstable fault lines in the world! For, this fault line is deep, very deep; and its branches go far and wide across the USA and into Canada! Therefore, when it cracks open, it will devastate much!

As you have asked me to show you the impending destruction, which awaits the greatest areas, I have given you a crude outline of the areas, which will be totally under water, or under water, with only islands remaining here and there!

Take note of what I am showing you! Yes, the ocean will come down! Look north into Canada at the Hudson Bay! Huge, My Little One! And, because of tributaries from this great body of water, it stands to empty into Lake Superior! Then, look to the west to Lake Winnipeg! Another unstable area, which may very well open up and dump into Lake Superior!

From Lake Huron, look east to the Atlantic Ocean! Another massive area, which will open up and further dump the Atlantic Ocean into Lake Erie! When connected, these areas form the bowl of a large Y! Connect this bowl with the Mississippi River (via a straight line)! Then, consider the massive faulting beneath these areas, which will be further stressed by the addition of these churning waters, and you get a picture of the massive destruction!

Water may very well come into Little Rock Arkansas! Most of Louisiana under water, along with most of Houston and areas north of Houston, even to 150 miles inland, under massive amounts of water! The land broken up, with only islands remaining!

Water down into Missouri, with only islands remaining here and there! The states in the USA, which are beneath these lakes, inundated with massive amount of water and all washed away! Some islands may pop up here and there when the waters recede!

To the East, water could go to Knoxville, TN, with all of Mississippi under water, save a few islands, which may remain! Water could claim more than half of Alabama and break up North Florida all the way to the coast! With massive tidal waves sweeping across most of Florida and the Gulf Coast of Florida severely breaking up!

Earthquake devastation into New York City! A massive earthquake! With much of New York City going into the water! Washington DC, the same! Georgia, much devastation! Water could come inland to Macon, Ga, as the fault line goes through Atlanta, Georgia and out to Augusta, Georgia, and down into Macon Georgia! Therefore, waters could come into middle Georgia!

Much devastation for Virginia, devastation to Oklahoma City, into parts of Texas, all the way to Dallas! Northern Arkansas devastated! The Arkansas River becoming very wide, with a possible seaport in Little Rock, Arkansas!

And, much, much more, my Little One! Too much to tell you, herein! I only give you an outline as you have asked Me to show you how bad it will be, but all may possibly be even worse, if people do not repent in this wicked nation, and soon! Neither will Canada be spared! For, she is the wicked twin of America!

I have only shown you what will happen with the New Madrid Fault line, but even so, the rest of the USA will not be spared! Even, great, great destruction on the West Coast, on the East Coast, and elsewhere; especially as regards Yellowstone (Volcano) and the devastating effects of volcanic eruptions in the USA, alone!


I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Write these things, My Little One, and get them out soon! I will raise up others to help you financially with the postage and even to help you get a better car so that you can travel to some of these places to both speak my judgements and to station angels of protection over certain areas! Be of good courage; for I will raise up helpers and I will provide finances that you need! I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of March, 2008

The Great Methane Bubble

 “My Little One, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God; and I bring you back now to show you what is going on. Look and behold!”“My Lord, I am back once more on the sea floor; and the holy manchild and I enter down through the great crevice, which is on the ocean floor. My Lord, it seems that this crevice is actually opening up more. This, I can see, when I compare the size of this opening to our last visit. My Lord, this great crevice is now divided into other parts. So, I see now that there are, in effect, three crevices in one! My Lord, the oil is still gushing upward and I do not believe that I am at or near the drilling site. If this is the drilling site, such a bore hole can no longer be seen at all. My Lord, what do You want me to see?”

“Go down into the crevice.”

“My Lord, the holy manchild and I continue to descend and quickly so until we come to an area where I can clearly see the three giant geographical angels. They stand around a great area, which is like a big lake, or a small sea unto itself. One of the angels points to show that the small sea is part liquid and part frozen. I see tears in the eyes of one of the angels and I want to see why he weeps. I hear his thoughts, ‘This is beyond our hands, beyond our hands to prevent.’

I look beneath the angel to see a great fiery presence, which appears to be molten lava, indeed a very great reservoir of molten lava; and the feet of the angels are within this lava. I now catch the smell of this caustic mix and I feel so much love and compassion for these mighty angels, who stand within it. (These angels are about two miles tall!)

This great bubble of frozen methane is melting. Perhaps, one third to one half, is now liquid and this liquid is restrained from coming quickly to the surface, only by the power of the Most High God Yahweh. Yet, a great stream of it is most certainly rushing forth in liquid form.

I see the great anguish in the faces of these mighty angels, the sorrow, the pain, and the dread; and I feel so heartbroken! “Oh, My Lord, I feel so sad! The people do not know. The wicked ones conceal a lie, but My Lord, this liquid methane, this great melting mountain of methane, is only being held in place because of Your mercy. Oh, my Lord, I so greatly fear what I see. For, the molten lava, alone, which rests beneath the methane bubble, is surely capable of igniting the methane and creating the great explosion, which will be heard around the world! Oh, what great loss of life will ensue! Oh, my Lord, how my soul travails.”

“So, My Little One, which is more merciful? To allow the bubble to escape and to kill many, saving them from the terrible agonies of the poisons, which are already upon them? Or, to give more time, where few may repent, yet great numbers will die terrible and agonizing deaths? For, your government and Satan’s new world order crowd will continue to spray corexit, all in order to hide the severity of the problem and to cover up their great crime. And, the great dying will only escalate in intensity.”

“Yet, Father, if so many die now, they will die in their sins and will go to hell. Oh, Father this is so sad!”

“Yet, My Little One, I have warned the people of this nation for many years to repent! They have not repented and most will not repent, but will die in their sins.”

“Oh, my Lord, how long will you continue to put off this coming devastation in the Gulf?”

“My Little One, My love for My people is great and My mercy is great, but this great catastrophe will not be long averted. For, the time of great woes has come upon America and upon the whole world.

Go in peace, My Little One; for even as You have so suffered and travailed as the Woman of Revelation Chapter Twelve, others must also suffer and travail, even as it is appointed to them to do so! Yet, many, many the world over will die; for it is appointed unto them to die in these terrible times. And, regretfully, most will die in their sins. Post this as Part II of this chapter. I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of August, 2010,    Linda Newkirk

Message from our Saviour

A great call to repentance: America is burning!

The Melting of the great, frozen, methane lake:

The Third Great Judgement for Louisiana and for this nation!

June 30, 2012

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, yes Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings! I tell you again, that I am One and the Same!  I am your Saviour! I am your Redeemer; and I am Most High God; and besides Me, there is none! But, there come those, who wish to quibble, who wish to find fault and who wish to dispute the truth of who I am! And some say, “She speaks to another Jesus! She hears from another God!”  But, I tell you, My Blessed Child, that among these very mockers are those, who speak to another god. They speak to another jesus! For, I am not found among them; and these include some of your biggest critics, who control the churches, and who mock these works.But, now, My Blessed Child, I come to you and I tell you a very important thing!  And, this very important word is about to accelerate all of My judgements in the earth! Yes, people will look here and they will look there and they will say, “Oh, look at these Satanists! Oh, look what they do!” But, I tell you this! Hear Me in this! For, I am empowering the Satanists over you!

Just as I raised up Nebuchadnezzar and I empowered Nebuchadnezzar to come forward and to overrun and defeat My people, who did evil and who would not heed the warnings of My prophets, I have now raised up another in your midst!  Indeed, he is Satan’s choice and Satan has put him over you through his secret organizations. But, I tell you now that I control Satan!  He does what I allow and what I command!

I wrote the Book of Revelation; and I have spoken through My prophets down through the ages, for this is what My people chose. And, I have honored their choices!

The antichrist in our midst!

But now, hear Me in this!  Make no mistake about it!  Barack Obama is the antichrist!  Whine all you want! Be in denial all that you want, but you will not change who he is; and you will not change the fact that I put him over you!

He is your worst nightmare, oh America; for he will burn you down and laugh as he sees you burning!  He has no allegiance to America; for his allegiance is to Satan; and this man’s heart is set upon his rule of the whole world!

“The Time of the Burning!”

You, oh America, are but fodder for his fires, you wicked and adulterous peoples of America!  And, burn you will!  Yes, you will burn; and the fires will spread all across this nation, even before the nukes come!  Yes, you will burn, oh America!  For, you will not repent!  And, because you will not repent; and I have called out to you for many years to repent of your evil ways, and you will not hear My cries, I tell you that you will burn! (The Lord warned the prophet, Dumitru Duduman, that America will burn. We have now come to that time!)

Terrible Droughts and Famines!

And, the famines, great famines, will begin to rip across this land, from one city to another and from one part of this land to another! In years past, I warned you through My words, which I gave to My servant, Linda Newkirk. I told you that if you would not repent that I would dry up your corn fields, that I would bring famines; and you would not hear! You would not believe!

Now come the famines, and you can see it at your door! For, the droughts are so great!  And, now the great fires come, yet few of you can see them, and these fires continue on! Now comes also the time when your antichrist president will wallow in his victories! For, now comes also the time when he is coming into his power!

The Fall of America!

What will you do, oh you decadent nation of America?  You will fall! America will fall!  Yes, America will fall, and all over the world, the people will shudder!  They will panic!  They will fear with a great fear! For, they shall soon say, “America is fallen!” Yes, the whore of the world is fallen! That old wicked woman, who made the world to drink of the cup of her perversions, has fallen!

Yet, not all will fear, but only those nations, who have depended upon you, will fear!  Many will rejoice!  Many will be joyful! They will be glad; for you, oh decadent nation of America have terrorized many nations!

Terrors From the South!

Now comes the time, and it is at your door, when many nations shall terrorize you, oh nation of America! For, as you have sown, so shall you reap!

The wind is coming! Yes, a very great wind from the South is coming!  A very great Southerly wind will come upon this nation and this wind from the South will greatly trouble you!

Yes, the King of the South will rise up and he will collect his own nations; and they shall rise up to defeat and to overthrow this nation, not through war, not yet through war, but soon through war! However, at this time, they shall rise up; and soon, en masse, they will rise up to overthrow the dollar!  And, this wind will blow hot!  This wind will blow upon you with a great force and this great wind will cause you to suffer an irreparable crack in the economy of this nation. And, the rumbles of this great wind shall crash and crack and beat and dissolve, beat and dissolve, pound and pummel the very economic structure of this nation!

The Works of the Antichrist!

But, do not be alarmed when you see your president bow to them all; for he is not after your approval. He is after their glory!  He is after their support! He is after their admiration; for he champions their causes! He is their man and he is your great enemy, oh America!

Yes, America, your president is the antichrist! He came out of Europe! In Europe, he was conceived and through the European Satanic elite, he was born!  But, he is truly a man without a country; and because he is a man without a country, he is loyal to no country!  His eyes are on the prize of world governance; for while he bows today to ingratiate himself to foreign rulers, tomorrow he will require that they all bow to him.

The Fulfillment of Our Saviour’s words!

Yes, Barack Obama is a man with a great plan; but remember: I wrote the plan! I put him over you, oh America; for I am going to use him to break your pride! I am going to use him to break your haughtiness. I am going to use him to break your economy! I am going to use him to fill up your concentration camps! I am going to use him to haul you off as slaves, oh you rebellious house!  I am going to use him to further pollute you, oh Nation of America; for he hates you, oh wicked nation; and I will drive his hate towards you until he sees you in flames from one end of this nation to the other, from north to south and from east to west!

The Price of Rebellion

You will not repent, oh you wicked nation of America!  You will not heed My calls to repent, or perish!  You will not bow a knee to Me, to the Creator of All Things, but you will bow a knee to him!  And, many of you will take his mark and will worship him, just to have food on your tables.  For, you will not honor Me and My word! You will not repent!  Therefore, you will worship him and you will lose your souls!  For, you have loved evil! You have no regard for what is right! You love a lie!  You love every perverted thing; and you will perish in your wicked ways!

The Great Judgements of our God against Louisiana and this nation!

Get ready, people of Louisiana! Get ready! Get ready for one of the greatest catastrophes that you will ever see!  I have sent you warnings through the great devastation of Hurricane Katrina! This was My first great warning to you, oh people of Louisiana: my warning to repent, or perish.  Yet, you have made yourselves busy in re-buiding that great decadent city of New Orleans, but you have not repented!

Then, I sent you even greater warnings through the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster!  Great is this calamity and great have been your losses through this great calamity! But, still you have not repented!

These are My judgments, oh you blind, who lead the blind; but you would not see My handiwork in the midst of these great calamities. You would not see My judgments through these great catastrophes!

The Third Great Judgement Against Louisiana,

and the people of this nation!

Now, you do not see again what is happening to you!  For, the great frozen methane lake, which is beneath the Gulf of Mexico, is quickly melting!  The heat of the seeping oil, which is pouring into the frozen lake, is melting this great lake of frozen methane!

Yes, you watch in amazement as these methane bubbles come to the surface and some of you are surprised at the shifting of your homes. But, hear Me! For, you have seen nothing yet! This gas is finding its own exits!

A great volume of methane gas is pushing upwards and is seeking to find its own vents!  As more of this gas pushes its way to the surface, there will come a shifting in the subterranean land masses. There shall come a subsequent shifting in the lands, both beneath the Gulf of Mexico, and even for some distance from the Gulf of Mexico!

Some of these land displacements will be great with ensuing earthquakes.  But, the earthquakes will not compare to the unexpected explosions, and in many areas, unparalleled deaths of humans, animals and aquatic life and yes, even birds and other life forms!

Oh, you people of Louisiana, you would not listen!  I have sent you two very great calamities and now comes a third. So great shall be your suffering! The stench, the stink of the dying shall be so great!  And, many will say, “Who is going to Louisiana?”  For, the explosions and the dying shall be so great among you!

And, when you see these terrible things hit Louisiana, know that this is My third, great judgment against this wicked state. It is a haughty state! It is full of idol worship and witchcrafts; and those in the churches will not obey Me. They will not walk in humility before Me. For, their song is, “How great I am!”

But, I tell you, oh state of Louisiana, you are a cancer!  You are a grievous sore in My face!  You are a great blot upon the face of the whole earth; and I will erase you!

I will continue in My judgments against you; and I will continue to plead with you to repent through My great judgements, until I erase your very existence! For, you are rotten, oh state of Louisiana! You are rotten to the core and I will no longer allow this evil before My face!

I tell you now; and hear Me well! The great methane bubble, which lies beneath the Gulf of Mexico, is beginning to rupture!  As this great bubble ruptures, it will push out! It will begin to push out with great force!  It will erupt beneath the ocean!  It will erupt all along the Gulf Coast!

The great rupture of this methane gas will hit Florida! It will hit Texas!  It will hit inland and move up beneath the Mississippi River! It will go south towards Cuba. It will go towards Mexico!  It will spew forth, sometimes with small eruptions, but at other times, the eruptions of these gases will be so great that they will easily sink ships! And, there will come a time when travel in the Gulf of Mexico will be extremely hazardous!

Most often, the presence of these terrible gases will go undetected, but the effects of these gases will be deadly!  Whole areas will come under attack, and there will be many “unexplained” deaths and sicknesses!  This great gas explosion will be seen as the “silent killer.”

The time is at hand, oh America!  You have come to the time of your great judgements; and this bowl is now full and overflowing!

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of June, 2012,   Linda Newkirk

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  1. aj weishar July 25, 2013 at 10:15 pm - Reply

    If you read Black Elk’s Vision, you will find similar warnings. Rolling Thunder left us books and videos on the desecration of Mother Earth before he went to the next world. Native American elders and medicine men have been warning us for decades that the earth is a living organism that heals itself with disastrous results for humans. Chief Looking Horse wrote us messages about Mother Earth bleeding when the BP rig blew up.

  2. common law p.a.g. Chris July 25, 2013 at 11:56 am - Reply

    Vision: It can not be UN-obvious the point o f volcanic like emanation from the Gulf closely mirrors the precise location of the where B. P.’s Deep Water Horizon: Tore a HUGE GOUGE in the Sea Floor likely a result of the Blow UP/ Out or the reason the crafted THAT particular event to provide pretense of Plausible Deniablity and avoid Liability for Damages precipitated by Their Ignorance or MALicious INTENT?
    The corollary connectivity to the NEW MADRID Fault Zone and the DIS-Storage of MeThanes and Other Hazardous gasses or Radiological Chemicals; may provide substantive support for your spiritual ReVEALation and likely have manifest implication to likely future Events be they CREATOR or demonic man god pretenders utilizing Weather Modification or other TechnoCrazy Eco Terrorist activities to cause Seismic Terrori and Divide and DIStroy the North American Continent perhaps including the Great Lakes Niagara and Canada? Pray for Divine intercession or HIS will be done?

  3. Maat Men Nefer July 25, 2013 at 2:49 am - Reply

    I saw a map that showed this and other changes in Glastonbury 1999. also I’ve seen the movie ‘2012’. ‘ You heard it first from Charlie’ is the tag line by Woody Harrelson when the big explosion happens, after CA goes into the ‘gurgling maw of the Pacific.’ However, in the movie the big explosion is Yellowstone Super volcano! But this certainly seems as probable, more so even! If I lived in LA and Gulf Region I’d get out! Even if I had to camp out for indefinite time, I’d go! Good luck and best wishes for all my Brothers and Sisters out there.

  4. Elaine July 24, 2013 at 1:18 pm - Reply

    I have been saying ever since Hurricane Katrina…those people need to get out of there. The water is under the soil; and it will sink within this generation.

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