Methods of Illuminati Mind Control


by Aspen

The Illuminati have the means to introduce thoughts, to influence night time dreams, and to produce visual projections seemingly in real time space.

They have sponsored brain-pattern science because the ability to produce a controlling mental signal is the final key.

The operating principle of this mind-control technology is that there does exist a ‘sixth sense’ — the electromagnetic brain field. The scientific assessment is that this field is responsive — therefore, control is possible.

Illuminati mind-control technology is capable not only of reading thoughts of all types with absolute precision, but of using predictable neuron-firing patterns (‘resonance’) as a point of delivery. In other words, thoughts can be inserted into the weak-minded.


The finessed process of deep mind control involves several stages.

SCANNING: Targeted individuals’ minds are monitored in order to establish a schedule of attention patterns. That is, habits. Everyone thinks about a few things often.

This is the entry point. Once a mental and emotional map of repetitive thought has been drawn, the initial stage of influence can begin. The electromagnetic mind-delivery system interrupts an habitual neuron-firing pattern with an extremely brief ‘blank’ state, immediately followed by a new, and brief, Illuminati-designed pattern.

As the targeted subject becomes accustomed to the briefly imposed pattern, that pattern can be lengthened over time into an entirely new and controlled series of thought patterns.

This method is called ’emotional acclimation’. It has been derived from the most basic principles of human learning, and it differs from home and classroom education only in that the delivery of information is both concealed from the ‘learner’, and originates from a remote location via advanced technology.

CONCEALMENT: Intrusive thought control must be hidden. The introduction of ideas, the presentation of influential imagery, and emotional influence of behavioral choices, must all be concealed.

There are numerous means of concealment, but I will present the most obvious.

It is especially important to the Illuminati that pornography is consumed. The more extreme the pornography, the better. The more often the better. Habitual sexual fantasizing provides a smooth entry point for the insertion of thoughts, not only because sexual fantasy tends to be repetitive and to self-amplify over time. Sexual taboos provide external thought intrusions with an ideal place to hide.

A man holding taboo sexual desires is in no hurry to exhibit his hidden self to the world. Thoughts inserted, or else any deeper influential control mechanisms installed during a person’s time in this dark space, are by practical definition destined to dwell within and operate from a deep internal space.

The Illuminati appreciate that, because it makes their work easier. Habitual fantasizing provides the perfect framework for mapping the behavior/reward structure of any given psyche.

RATIONALIZATION: It is not sufficient only to introduce new thoughts, notions, and impulses which enable deep control. The receiver must eventually become willing to accept them and follow them at the conscious level.

Individuals being influenced by mind control themselves perform the psychological choices which foist their awareness of external control. This is kit and key to the success of the process. Rebellion against the process would be a risk.

CULTURE-WIDE BOMBARDMENT: Have you ever wondered why Hollywood tends to produce more than one film of the same theme, the same exact subject material, within close periods of time?

For example, last year two major motion pictures were released, concerning specifically the ninth roman legion; two, concerning no-strings sexual friendships; and at least three, concerning alien invasions. I should mention that we’re going on FIVE “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, now. Five.

Most would put this down to mere film studio competition (but you might note that no other film studios have been producing pirate films). The actual reasons are more sinister. Media theme saturation gets millions — sometimes billions ( as with ‘Avatar’, and especially ‘Pirates’) — of people thinking the same thoughts, memorizing the same imagery, asking the same questions, and ingesting new ideas…all together, at the same time.

See, even though the precise neural arrangement of each individual brain is unique, and each mind is unique, neural firing patterns are predictable. Each action of the mind moves through the human brain in a pattern that is statistically knowable.

The Illuminati use their select base of test subjects as a survey to establish templates for general (broad wave) delivery to the media-devouring public.

Once a template is established, and the delivery point has been chosen, the process of introducing subliminal messages may commence.

This procedure is successful because most members of the public happily embrace repetitive — and therefore increasingly predictable — thoughts and behaviors.

Media presentations presenting strong sexual and violent content are particularly effective, because these themes reduce internal reflective activity to a minimum. That gives the broadwave broadcast some space, to get in and influence minds without interrupting real-time conscious thinking.

Here is a list of the media categories targeted as vehicles for mass thought synchronization and habituation:

tv series
mainstream news
popular novels
films of similar theme
film series
video and computer games
online interactive games
social networking websites
political slogans
religious campaigns
popular music
diet fads
fashion trends

“Aspen” claims he is what the Illuminati call a “Signal and Context Tester.”
They select individuals of superior intelligence and subject them to intrusive signals, via multiple means. This has been happening to him since he was a child.


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  1. Michelle says:

    They are not just Illiminati. It is a combination of cults such as Illuminai and other secret or even public organizations which represent the human power. So basically this is done by men obsessed with power. You are right about the deep mind control techniques that they use. They tried it with me and the only reason they could not do it was because of my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who really protected me. They have the ability to project a person you know into your dreams and materialize that thought so that the whole experience in the dream feels like real life and you cannot really tell if it was real or just a dream. It is similar with the astral projection concept. The worst danger which honestly and sadly works for them is mass mind control with cultural bombardment. They took over the whole media and music industry. The best advice I give to Americans is not to watch TV, stop going to movie theaters and stop downloading iTunes music which was created under their control. Psychedelic trance music is the most dangerous. Their final plan is to take over the human mind through the usage of robots, dehumanization or robotization of humans and humanization of robots. They know anything about anyone they want and most people play their game with no resistance. As far as their experiements with target individuals, I do not know if they have an interest in intelligent people but I know for sure they can do nothing to a free mind who knows the truth. So basically they could do nothing if most people would not help them play their diabolic plan. In the end they only seek power, money and control. The human brain is definitely their obsession nowadays.

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