Mia Khalifa – Before They Were Famous


SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/MrMcCruddenMichael Before Mia Khalifa wore a HiJab on camera. Before she became the Most Popular P0rn Star of …


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  1. bgold9 says:

    Did this girl make like 3 videos and then just back out of the porn industry?

  2. Noami banyxx jada fire

  3. question! how could she be 10yrs of age by 2000 like you said…..
    . but have been born feb 10 1993 which would actually make her 7yrs old when she came to the u.s. Hmmm interesting….

  4. Appeal Jesus says:

    goddamn pornstars?

  5. U mean Islam not Muslim

  6. aaaaa were eyewitnesses peppered

  7. Isaiah Hill says:

    I'm from Montgomery County Maryland

  8. Lao Kartoon says:

    ISIS "puts Islam in a bad light", not her…

  9. "she put islam in a bad light" I don't know but I think they're doing that pretty good themselves

  10. Hijab bitches gives the best head. Muslims girls love anal so they can save that pussy for their monkey husvband LMAO.

  11. "she went out of her way to put Islam in a bad light"…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…..Hilarious. Uh….Newsflash….Islam does a GREAT job of doing that their selves. What they really mean is that she simply criticized Islam and yes….yes she did…..and good for her because there are two words that everybody should say every now and then- FUCK ISLAM (Fuck all the other religions too, but especially fuck Islam)

  12. Joe Reilly says:

    This guy can't pronounce shit

  13. JB92192 says:

    stretching the word famous real thin

    User: dontelp22
    Pass: mather2k10

    You're welcome

  15. Damien Karan says:

    I seriously tried to not get hard.

    I failed.

  16. The crazy part about this is my friend had a class with her at UTEP, he would always talk about her and then the next thing we know She's the #1 pornstar XD

  17. malbung says:

    she is a christan arab

  18. ? I live in el paso
    I could've been in one
    ? yeah boy

  19. Hiba Salih says:

    I won't say bad things about her or about any one saying that's islam like that just to let u know in (( the end )) she ll Regret it

  20. Do Asa akira and jayden james?!

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