Michael Jordan Illuminati 23 Sirius


Michael Jordan Illuminati 23 Sirius.avi Part 1 of 4 New 2013 Part 2 of Michael Jordan Illuminati by Truthiracy Films. A documentary research film that exposes …


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  1. chili40m says:

    So! All in a nut shall!! worshiping idols and items,are nothing more,but a distraction,from our inner being.

  2. Old NBA players are not all sell outs only some like MJ LBJ KOBE/ so they can get endorsements for shoes and more stuff so they sign a blood contract But if you don't want that contract you won't make much money as Kobe or lebron or MJ

  3. Why would the government have time to worship evil ? Cmon man they don't care about all that evil shit they just want money

  4. 2die4uk says:

    It's pronounced sigh rus not serious

  5. A for effort bruh. You really made a video bout this kind of stuff rofl

  6. SHAWN SHAARI says:

    i want to be like mike! Lol why is Gatorade not in in the conspiracy?

  7. Rymen Khamis says:

    The scary thing is my classmate is named jaden 6 letters like Jordan and he wears Michael Jordan brand a lot and was born on July 23

  8. X007 says:

    Umm the godess Nike is the goddes of victory

  9. Mene Tekel says:

    People hate the truth.

  10. Chad Stoner says:

    and people wonder why Jordan doesn't like people, and is an asshole, videos like this maybe, smh

  11. hahahaha thats so stupid

  12. check out K.O.D KING OF DUVAL

  13. Loreyn Wells says:

    the one that made that video is a retared

  14. Wtf did i just watch

  15. Your Chanel fucking scares me

  16. Your missing the point 23 is mis thought of it is not the illuminati it is god once the first 23 is over another 23 is born once 23 or mj was done with basketball they made him a different person

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