Michael Tsarion : Female Illuminati Interview, May 2015



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  1. dank says:

    It may not be new but I like the new look Michael, looking sharp bro

  2. Symbolism is used by the higher mind. Soul uses the higher mind as a port. So by using symbolism, one can cipher higher knowledge and, in hand, create a system translator.

  3. spwkarlsson says:

    An occultic thought;
    So at the moment that we're born, we're put into a box.
    And for those who find that box too uncomfortable, there's a lid.
    And they might venture to open that lid, and start digging. Ever deeper.
    How do one safely kick apart that box, and successfully deal with them standing on it? 

  4. Dear Michael

    This interview is distorted by your excitement over the subject matter.
    It is hard to follow your words for they go in all directions at once.
    I understand the enormous powers that drive you while finding the
    pathways to the true meaning of symbols. You are on it. 
    Do not think in terms of a conspiracy. The carriers of the symbols
    do not know, or know this or that about it. There is no control over
    them. One cannot play with symbols, for they will then play with you.
    They are merely signs that connect dimensions where we cannot go
    without living in them. Before you know it is nothing more than a
    flag waving activity. But indeed, knowledge is the eye that is seeing
    and consciousness is the key. Walking the path from the fool to the
    magician, I wish you well and wish you to find no good nor evil,
    but the just.

  5. Rick Worth says:

    the elders … hummm basically the masses were ignorant … elders held the knowledge .. but their mystical symbolism make the male a dominant force … its of the lower conscious or the vibration of 'alpha' … the earth and mans lower conscious are linked to this frequency …. its a 'male' energy and 'earth' represents hell … symbolically speaking …. like the symbol of baphomet, his caduceus only goes to the 3rd chakra … that's the solar plexus … this vibration (low), can not go any higher on the scale …. this is the kundalini energy of the spinal cord … this is known symbolically as the 'seat of satan' or the 3rd church …. our entire existence runs out of this chakra … alpha conscious … jesus is also seated in this same spot as the son of man

    female symbolism in the bible refers to the spiritual side of man … the right hemisphere of the brain … she is our spiritual mother …. and 'heaven' … the upper room on the right … where god dwells …. the only way to get to god is to make this side come alive …. using the 'single eye' and the rainbow bridge to god … the kundalini …. religion made this path, 'way', demonic …. now u know why women are 2nd class .. the carnal mind is not subject to the 'laws' of god … she can only wait till her carnal husband, the left side beast, asks for her assistance ….

    when u enter within u symbolically kill the 5 senses, thus shutting down the carnal mind … the devil is 'cast down' … and the divine energy of jesus 'lifts us up' to the father … this is 'theta' or 'air' … where we meet jesus …. fire is at the top chakra or 'spirit' … which bathes the lower beast conscious with love … rapture …. its a symbolic but true to science …. raise ur consciousness today

  6. I like what Michael has done but how old He looks makes me know He knows nothing

  7. Janet Skene says:

    @6:00 Michael mentions there is seldom any mention about the rebellion which I say is really strange especially as the rebellion is entirely the root cause of every problem.

  8. Janet Skene says:

    I find your work refreshing and I will look into these matters more deeply. I agree that women are the moral and ethical standard bearers & a woman enlightened; knowing her true power is a formidable agent for good and healing. I am one.

  9. Janet Skene says:

    I have watched the entire video and I will watch more. I believe you have hit the nail on the head and you have expressed what so many men want to say suscinctley plus with the correct research, much of which I will follow for my own growth. I agree that most, men and women are extremely dumbed down, I think it is mainly because they are traumatized but also there is seldom righteous indignation to fire up the people to Demand the truth and Insist upon having upright moral people in command. I agree; I pray women will come into the understanding of what it means to be a real woman. If only women understood their formidable and unique position! I throw out the trash that encourages young women to defile their bodies and degrade their spiritual selves using duplicity! Women, like men, are required to seek with all their strength before they will be given anything worthwhile. No human escapes the requirement to make the ultimate decision to be Fully Committed to the Fatherhood of god and the brotherhood of man. I am committed without hesitation, 24 hours a day with every breath in my body. I see your point and I admire your passion for Truth. We need more men like you. Great job.

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