Middle East Proxy/Propaganda World War 3 Updates




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  1. Sann Ingen says:

    Thx. This was bit of an eyeopener.

  2. claes middel says:

    Hi!, Matty, you know Amnesty, greenpeace,Save wild life, save the reinforest, doctoers whitout borders, and so on are Cia-Ops controlled opposition
    Evrywhere there is a CO in the top organisation, its a Cia Ops

  3. claes middel says:

    Hi!, I have a feeling they will soon send, all palestinians to Europe as a new migrant flood!, to make space for "Greater Israel"

  4. AWOL77 FTQ says:

    C'mon Matty al jazeera aint an israeli newspaper, its B.ullshit B.abbling C.unts Arabic.. they changed the name back in the 2000s.

  5. James Redmon says:

    The enemy of America isn't Mr. Putin, it's BO and his administration. I would love to see the FBI raid the Whitehouse and cuff that traitor and everyone in his administration. peace:)

  6. great update…its amazing how some idiotic americans think Iran is a threat to the US and I even heard one dumbass say we should nuke them…nuts

  7. Al Jazeera is Israeli??? lol

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