Migrant arrivals to Greece slow amid tighter security on Turkish coast


Tighter security along Turkey’s coast is a key factor behind a sharp fall in the number of migrants arriving in Greece under the EU’s deal with Ankara. Three days …


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  1. A lot of people feel like hanging themselves when in dire straits. That doesn't justify getting an open visa to the word at the expense of others.

  2. PJ says:

    eurolies playing the victim card as usual, in a disgusting display of emotional blackmail in a bid to tug at the viewers heartstrings. It's not news. It's propaganda.
    Trying to equate people fleeing from Syria with illegal economic migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh who were perfectly safe in their home countries is quite frankly disgusting, but it's the kind of utter tripe we've gotten used to hearing from this propaganda outfit as of late.
    Afterall, what would the world come to if you tock a neutral stance and pointed out a few glaring holes in these peoples stories. Selling your house to fund a trip to the EU is just irresponsible and not grounds for asylum.
    Furthermore, Germany has an embassy in Lahore, he could have walked in there and applied for a VISA, and waited for an answer. In his bloody home. He's either a complete idiot or a lier.
    eurolies is also trying to push that Palestine isn't a country, and this is to be considered grounds for "fleeing" to Europe. This is false. They have an elected government. Several countries recognize Palestine as a soverign nation. etc. The fact that these idiots elected a terrorist organisation to run the country into the ground is their own fault.
    But we will never hear euronews tell that story. The muslim owner of euronews would never allow it.

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