Migrant Crisis Signals Next World War


While the Obama administration promises “Peace in the Middle East” with the Iran nuclear deal, they are also bolstering the region with weapons. The reality is, the migrant crisis is the canary in the coal mine and the globalists are preparing for war.

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If these extraordinarily powerful images of a dead Syrian child washed up on a beach don’t change Europe’s attitude to refugees, what will? – http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/if-these-extraordinarily-powerful-images-of-a-dead-syrian-child-washed-up-on-a-beach-dont-change-europes-attitude-to-refugees-what-will-10482757.html

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50 Responses

  1. Cin Bradler says:

    She's even violent with that baby she's holding trying to shake it hard enough to get it to stop crying. Oh well, it's probably male and will kill her in a couple of years as told by her husband anyway.

  2. If there own people don't want the refugee s in there country, why should other countries accept them?

  3. Sam Sneed says:

    clearly obama has sold out. for his own pockets? is it too late?

  4. Baron says:

    If this is true 12:15 why have you not confronted CNN? And if this is false in other words something you made up for whatever reaon, you are no better than the people you are trying to expose. Also if it turns out that this is something you made up, I will do everything in my power to burn you reputation to the gound! Don't lie to me!

  5. Someone is pushing garbage Morally defend Israel .

  6. simple the moment they step on european land they ll have to face a challenge to determine their worthiness to stay. 12 immigrants will have to face 12 lads of the nation invaded in a fight with bare hands to the death. If the invaded nation loses then they are not worthy to keep the land (but that ain t going to happen). I ma pretty sure the invaders would be utterly humiliated in this fair fight and would have nothing to say to defend themselves. But if the invaders lose they will be deported or held captive and humiliated -as they wish. I think that is the fairest system to determine. Aeneas faced Turnus to claim his right to remain in Italy. I see no reason why modern invaders should have it so easy.

  7. I tell ya, the people from the Middle east are doing nothing but problems. They should be NUKED ! Also the USA, they fight there for profit, the Germans sending soldiers also, and after we at the Macedonian border, a country of 2 million people, have to solve this flood of people to get to Europe, we did not get any help yet spent 25 million. Give us some % of the OIL PROFIT, fucking scumbags

  8. Greetings from sinking Europe! Dont give up YOUR GUNS Americans! I wish I had one NOW! ready to fight! If its racist to fight for my country! I m proud to be one! I will not lie down,I will not comply! I will not shut up!

  9. Kyndjal says:

    people see "migrants" and "crisis" where i see "soldiers" and "maneuvers".they use children to sway public opinion,they are aware how to take the most from photo opportunities…
    why are they going specifically to the northern countries?no,my friends;it's not better life.
    it's to cut escape land-routes once they invade from Libia and other northern africa countries.
    so unless people plan to die by islam, or by american guns in the middle Atlantic ocean, on the way to the land of the not-so-free,i would suggest arm yourselves and get ready.
    i will rather die on my country,even if i'm the last of my people.

  10. We are acc deporting them now (Germany) hope the motherfuckers die.

  11. Blind Horse says:

    Western media clearly has an agenda to destroy western freedoms from within. Sometimes I think that we are being manipulated by aliens for their own amusement, because there isn't a normal human explanation for this growing insanity. It's like we're pawns in a global game.

  12. 0311RFLMN says:

    the civil all out war should start now in all of Europe. a police state is better than what you have today. all military forces should begin imprisoning the vermin muslim arabs and migrant shits.

  13. bamboozle83 says:

    These are mostly unskilled and unemployable people! They are not welcome, it is so clear!

  14. Let's be fair, WW1 started in Europe, WW2 started in Europe, WW3 will start in Europe.  Hopefully this will be the war to finally unite the world under one government.  That would be nice to experience.

  15. Ball sack slime to all of them. It's not our fault etc…we(uk) should just use our armed forces here. Screw the rest of the world. No more war in our lifetimes. Let them kill each other !

  16. There is 57 OIC countries, let the damned muslims sort their extremists out.

  17. Where is the shame for the ISLAMIC countries that refuse all refugees?

  18. Africa is for Africans, Asia is for Asians, White countries are for EVERYONE! That's white genocide!

  19. why isn't Obama considered a warmonger like Bush GB pinched the middle east and Obama has body slammed the middle east like Obama has laid waste to the entire region and yet gets no blame for it what so ever I don't get why are their no protest where is the pink army (I think that's what it's called) to tell Obama how evil he is with his wars and how many innocent civilians he has killed with his decision making it's like the media can't call his warmongering ass out WTF

  20. MuhLogan says:

    Get ready for all the rape Europe. You're fucked, literally and figuratively.

  21. Griffin says:

    Ok answer this for me where are the parents of this child if these cockroaches cared for these children they wouldn't have left there child to die it not the country that does this to them but it's themselves they us the children as a trogen horse

  22. Working Joe says:

    You mean to tell me that dead child floated across the OCEAN for how many fucking months and is still in near-perfect condition? Bullshit, fucking bullshit.

  23. Debbie C says:

    A R M A G E D D O N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Lane wc says:

    The US, Great Britain, France, Russia, and China are the permanent members of the UN Security Council, they are also the largest arms dealers in the world, and that translates into war, and lots of it!

  25. Europe is so stupid…..they are laying out the red carpet for terrorists to kill them and destroy their countries. Dumbass liberals.

  26. DR Ir M says:

    The best thing is to ask Israel NOT to attack Iran This would have created more problem eg Straits of Hormuz closed thus no oil to the free world… nuke fallout around the world etc….. Have peace instead. If Israel attack Iran I shudder to think what will happen to Israel …. total annihilation I guess…. Not worth it guys…

  27. Dana Mennie says:

    dirty, stinky Muslims

  28. Phil Adam says:

    let all the countries that are at war get on with it keep our noses out let them destroy each other

  29. Bill Beckham says:

    Championing the rights of the poor migrants is difficult as the economic climate is still gloomy, many European are unemployed and wary of foreign workers, and EU countries are divided how to share the refugees burden…

    Ultimately, no more running; the refugees will have to defend their own homeland against extreme jihadist terrorists and fight tyranny.

    The pressure is building up, and 3rd World war likely to start in the Middle East….

    "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun"- Quote Mao Zedong, 1st Chairman of the Central Committee Party of China

  30. ADDAM B says:

    depopulation for the sake of oil, poppies and minerals?

  31. Abby Farrah says:

    The System Needs Another Adolf Hitler and this is where its heading

  32. We STILL can use these muslim animals as cannon-fodder ! Don't we ?

  33. Clive Milam says:

    We are coming. Its only just started.

  34. Let me get this straight.  The U.S. will give Iran money and nuclear material?  Iran will only allow certain facilities be inspected and they have to be given notice many days ahead of time?  Plus, they get to do self inspections?How come the footage of refugees doesn't show older people?The worlds is going to hell in a hand bag.

  35. I am afraid there will be civil unrest and civil war in Europe before WW3 breaks out! The proxy war of Syria and the Middle East is moving into Europe and this is bad for the Western civilisation and the world! God help us!

  36. "First world countries need to build walls. Anyone approaching the walls, anywhere except
    designated entry points, should be shot and killed on site." Perfect idea.!
    We do not need human-animal here making children like rats and we have to pay for it.

  37. freeanergy says:

    what about Ukraine? do they take syrians?

  38. M Danton says:

    If you guys are going to comment in English,then do so in English and not in fucking broken English .Merkel is a fucking stupid German who cannot see what the Syrian scam is all about.I hope she regrets her actions in allowing these Muslims into her country before its too late and takes a note from Hungary.

  39. M Danton says:

    Obama is a Muslim and he is going to be the downfall of the USA if he is not kicked out.

  40. neeloss1 says:

    well said; "the war mongering media" the sooner the west switches off their televisions and stops watching the agenda and propaganda of the elite, the sooner we can overthrow them and take back our freedom and our future……

  41. Zero Hero says:

    these satanic peodophile worshipping muslim invaders are fighting age troops coming to europe to try to bring in there sick sharia law & believe me the goverments of these european countrys will be supplying them with weapons to cause chaos & kill the european people that there goverments are supposed to protect…this invasion is being run by isis with help from the european goverments

  42. amy lou says:

    7:33 shame in the policies causing this. absolutely.

  43. daniel koen says:

    The Muslim countries won't take in refugees, they only export them to Europe.

  44. Mr Longpork says:

    Hey I wonder if Germany will let me migrate there from Canada

  45. Families ? Over 80 percent are single men and a lot of them are IS.

  46. sahiel5 says:

    ballsy reporter,strong prestentation from the girl – well done lady

  47. No Credibility as usual
    UAE official told AFP that the total number of Syrians living in the UAE now reaches about 250 thousand Syrians, he said, "since the outbreak of the crisis in (Syria) in 2011, Emirates has received more than 100 thousand Syrians and gave them residence permits." In addition, the UAE has provided more than $ 530 million in aid since the start of the conflict in Syria, and pledged an additional $ 100 million in January, according to the official. Emirates finance and provide camp Mrajb Panthers near the Jordanian city of Zarqa, which includes more than 4 thousand Syrian refugees, according to the official, who added that the UAE has provided more than $ 72 million during the past two years of camps for Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey.
    Saudi Arabia alone gave more than a million Syrian refugees the right of residence, the Royal Decree was issued to accept 100 thousand students from the sons of Syrian refugees in Saudi universities, in addition to Saudi Arabia's biggest supporter of the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. But the difference between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other Arab and Western countries, that Saudi Arabia did not put the Syrians in refugee camps and are trading with this issue, but gave them the right of residence

  48. Anteo Venier says:

    Why doesn't Europe say to the USA to STOP playing EMPIRE because they are to stupid to do it? All the Americans can do is to poison red Indians ans sell Coca Cola.

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