Military told not to read Obama-scandal news


Gina Loudon

President Obama has said the outrage over the federal government’s decision to monitor citizens’ phone activity is all “hype.”

He might want to share his opinion with the U.S. Air Force, which is ordering members of the service not to look at news stories about it.

Military told not to read Obama-scandal news

WND has received an unclassified NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) that warns airmen not to look at news stories related to the data-mining scandal.

Want to know how and why America has so rapidly come to resemble the totalitarian society described by novelist George Orwell in “1984,” one characterized by universal surveillance? It’s all exposed in a special issue of Whistleblower magazine – titled “ONE NATION UNDER SURVEILLANCE: Big Brother is watching in ways Orwell never dreamed.”

The notice applies to users of the Air Force NIPRNET (Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network), which is the only way that many troops stationed overseas and on bases in the U.S. are able to access the Internet.

The last line of the executive summary states:

“Users are not to use AF NIPRNET systems to access the Verizon phone records collection and other related news stories because the action could constitute a Classified Message Incident.”

Cindy McGee, the mother of an airman stationed in the UAE, spoke with WND.

“The fact that our government is attempting to censor our service members from the truth of what is happening here at home is truly frightening and disheartening,” said McGee.

Her son received the same notice.

McGee continued, “I am outraged that our government is attempting to censor the information from our military that every citizen in this country is potentially being targeted by our government in a massive overreach of their constitutional powers by unconstitutional surveillance of all Americans and storage of that data.”

There have been a multitude of reports already on the latest exploding scandal of the Obama administration.

Last Wednesday, the Guardian broke the news of the top-secret court order requiring Verizon to hand over all of its call data on an ongoing basis to the National Security Agency.

On Friday, the Washington Post reported that the NSA and FBI are gathering data from the servers of nine U.S. Internet companies.

Then reports came out that there are 50 companies from which the government is collecting data.

During a press conference, the president dismissed what he called “hype” over the surveillance programs.

But concern over this broad surveillance is causing legislators to look into what they can do to enable more oversight of these operations.

The latest news detailing how the government keeps track of this massive amount of data and its origins was posted by the Guardian, for everyone in the world to read, except members of the Air Force.

See the memo:

Source: WND

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  1. The Lone Gunman says:

    And make no mistake, this is not a Democrat problem or a Republican problem. In our political climate everyone is bought and paid for and the Supreme Court is fine with that! Remember the Bastille!

    • 5 War Veteran says:

      Sadly enough there are many stupid Americans who will believe that this is a black/white problem instead of a play one side against another problem when there really are no sides to the situation.
      All Americans want to live in peace and simple happiness and only a select few want wealth power and have a never ending greed.
      10,000 on the planet known at the Elite hold the wealth of 95% of the planet. AND they want more.

      George Orwells 1985 whs just a few decades off.

  2. black dog says:

    i think Obama has gone too far, he thinks he owns the usa

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    To all my military brothers and all English speaking Americans capable of reading simple words:

    When a government tells it’s military NOT TO READ information, AND does not count their write in absentee ballots, SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG.

    Of all Americans, Servicemen should have the right to have their votes counted as well as the right to make INFORMED decisions.

    The soldier above all else should have the right to choose which political personage sends them to their death.

    It is when you are not allowed to have these opportunities or this knowledge that you become a slave to the state without any right or due process.

    What part of our current regime actually seems properly legal regarding human rights today? An attack on the first 4th 5th and 10th amendments is treason and can be witnessed taking place daily.

    When a presidential personage tells college students to “pay no attention” to open uncontrolled free websites that speak of government treason and “conspiracies” something is very fishy in government.

    Why would a government attack the rights of Law Abiding Citizens? Law Abiding Citizens are nothing to fear in a free and open society. But in a controlled treasonous closed society the people are to be feared the most.

  4. Leo says:

    Is that not Communist or not ? Yes it is .

  5. Observer says:

    We can only hope that Anonymous and Snowden have been able to gain insight from our government’s accounts in order to expose the truth to our fellow citizens.
    Government officials should not be above the law. If it weren’t for whistleblower a where would this country be right now.
    Too much evil is the world today for America not to realize it is a force which we need to protect ourselves from.

  6. moose4u2 says:

    If people allow this to go on they will soon lose their freedom to the government. They have no right to spy on their own people thats a crime & if you think its not try spying on them & see what happens.

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