[MIND-BOGGLING] Black Portal & Alien Cube UFO Over Texas! 6/29/2015


New Video clip: Job interview With Witness Of Texas Dice UFO ➨ http://www.youtube.com/look at?v=o-PaHI10hXE
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20 Responses

  1. In Japan the solve that cube in 1.1 secs hahahaha????

  2. Dont Ask says:

    gasp Somebody tell Optimus Prime!!! quick!!!

  3. pandorabox. dont tought it. hellraiser will play with you.

  4. Unib 235 says:

    it looks like a smoking piece of fudge, and it looks photo shopped

  5. TakeSushii says:

    Its just a gamecube..

  6. Tony DeTuna says:


    Amazon Delivery Service

  7. Hiding in the clouds, shit there in my toilet…. They're coming to are planet because we are going to theirs….Everyone wants to believe we shot a rocket in 50's and now 65 years later they put an RC Toy on one. Yeah right. That's what the secrecy is about, the super secret RC Toy. There are plenty of sightings of our craft.

  8. Demonic grey clouds are the formation you speak of, or so called Echoe Mist. Any time there is activity like, this… it is behind evil. The dark clouds that have a purple hue that are almost black. Not alien ?. The enemy.

  9. kim black says:

    That is amazing. Please keep doing what you're doing. Don't give up not give in. Thank you.

  10. barry lax says:

    it's a mother box

  11. The Overcast says:

    Jerusalem is coming.

  12. when I saw this.. I shit a brick.

  13. Shaun C says:

    Why would he try and snap pic after pic hoping he catch it at right time why wouldnt he just record the whole thing,

  14. No moving video? Still photos with phones that have better quality video capabilities than most pro cameras…

  15. Problem Z says:

    the borg definitiv

  16. ididit84 says:

    Pandoras box the end is near

  17. Kev C says:

    If you were a highly advanced civilisation and wanted to visit earth, you wouldn't make the mistake of popping out of a portal in the clouds like that!?! Load of tosh!

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