MINDGAMERS Exposed: First Mass Mind Experiment – Terra Mater, Fathom Events & Illuminati Films


This is crazy! The upcoming film MINDGAMERS seems like just another Transhumanist film, pushing things like mind-uploading, mass mind, and hive minds. But this unique film is taking things to the next level. Working with Fathom Events, the first mass mind experiment will be conducted in the opening of the MINDGAMERS film in select theaters. At this event, thousands of people will be logged into the hive mind, where after the film, the first collective hive mind imagery will be published. If that weren’t enough, the company that made the film, Terra Mater, had produced other films that clearly shows their transhumanist agenda, and worse yet, they worked with a company from Vienna called Illuminati Films, to publish the documentary “Doctors without Borders.” The company Illuminati Films isn’t a joke. There are clear signs on their own website that they are into things that are less than wholesome. All in all, the externalization of these science fiction like subjects into the mass public has started, and this type of event will probably be the first of many to come.



Don’t be afraid to die


The Unexpected Visitors – 9/11 Silver Linings

Doctors without Borders: Dedicated to Life


Pope Francis’ coat of arms as Cardinal rooted in humility




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  1. Brandy Marie says:

    Not sure if anyone else caught this in the comments, but the Panda Mask…on James Alefantis' official IG, there was the photo of him in a similar panda mask, and several other references to "cum panda". Curious what you might think the meaning or connection is behind this imagery??

  2. Liam Smith says:

    Gonz speaking truth of Yeshua. Keep up the good work. Wake up everyone.

  3. fyi- the reason the people in Sword Art Online are lying in bed, is because they were trapped in the VR world by the antagonist… they can't take off the headset & leave the virtual world, or they will die in real life. SOA is a really insightful anime that actually says quite a bit about our society today… Anyone who hasn't seen it should check it out, & take away from it what you will… ?

  4. More predictive programming for the masses…. But the reality aspect of participating along with the movie is even extra creepy….

  5. Your videos are slipping on your views

  6. The spread the truth the full truth

  7. I challenge you to find out the truth

  8. Or are you truly fearless because you wear the armor of the most high

  9. If you are truly with the most high…and saved you would either prove it right or wrong

  10. But you won't pick a side on heliocentric, or torus flat earth!!!

  11. Wake up to the truth!

  12. Why aren't you looking more into FLAT EARTH?????

  13. Wise Barn says:

    I think terra mater is Latin for Mother Earth.

  14. Pam James says:

    I am 58 years old. This is horrific. The bad part is they are going to get what they want. I'll stick with my King Jesus.


  16. released a day before an occult holiday too hmm

  17. makes me wonder if this is how we end up in a place like the Matrix

  18. The enemy is just revealing what has already been in place for 50 years..
    The self built cage…?

  19. hellavadeal says:

    The Borg are here .

  20. ladytess57 says:

    Dear God the young will flock to this. Mark of the beast is just around the corner.God said once started this will accelerate.Sick,Sick,SICK!!!

  21. There is never coincidences with these people! Great work, Gonz! We just need to band together and pray as warriors of God for the protection and salvation of the naive, unknowing people that are out there being manipulated!

  22. mach e says:

    These people are really sick and twisted.

  23. Charles Ott says:

    And the word said ! ( if they are like mind ! There is nothing impossible for them ) That's nuts bro ! You on it. That's their goal right ?

  24. I'm sure you've already figured it out, but "Terra Mater" means "Earth Mother," which I thought was kind of interesting.

  25. what happened to this world…everything is backwards and upside down

  26. : 0 As a mom of a young man into the gaming this is terrifying. I'm showing him this.

  27. hey G good show, really a blast—I'm sending you the latest version of my note about SINergy which is the result of all the 'hivishness' promoted by the mindgamers, et al…..I've yet to incorporate 'gummishness' (the tendency of all this to 'gum up the works'- without much thought)–here's the document – you've probably read at least some of it but I encourage others to do so as well and/or to reflect on it– https://1drv.ms/w/s!AtF-bp5-5OWIjWD1jrKhybo-byKT

  28. Thanks for what you do bro! Keep pressing on!

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