Minecraft: SIEGE WORLD – WAR IS UPON US! S1E6 (Warzone, Dungeon Raid and Attacking Dark!)


Siege World is back and today I run some Warzone errands and knock out a Dungeon with Team Light! War starts tomorrow, stay tuned! The latest and best new …


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  1. Hey when is the live stream and please post the live stream on YouTube for those that miss it but I wanna know when it is

  2. I thought you joined dark

  3. James Chang says:

    Get the whole pac!?

  4. Ind An says:

    Are u going to post the live stream tomorrow

  5. how do bajan get 10 glory last episode he had none

  6. I had to work yesterday were can I see the live stream.

  7. How long till the war time vid?

  8. I've waited for so long

  9. Allie Brown says:

    this was the best ☺☺☺

  10. mitch when is s1e7 live stream

  11. Elijah Burk says:

    the best by far

  12. love ya mitch keep making all your subscribers laugh

  13. Where could I find your livestreams in the future? I didnt find the Siege War Day livestream :(

  14. for all those people saying "hey youtube" i just want to punch them in the face,tell them shut up and stop trying to bum off others peoples channels,i can just imagine the morons who say hey youtube when mitch ISNT recording

  15. what is your livestream//twitch name??

  16. Mitch old so more crazy craft

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