Minecraft | WORLD WAR 3 TAKE OVER MOD! Power Suits Mod Showcase!


Minecraft has a new Roleplay based around Atlantis! Professor Pikalus is the lead scientist here in Atlantis and in this series he must help Joe and Cody try to …


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  1. First like and first comment and can't wait to watch this video I love you professor

  2. Jonney Wong says:

    Pikalus what is the mods you use for Atlantis adventure and what texture pack

  3. Hieu Dotrung says:

    Keep it up your making cool and good videos

  4. Pieter John says:

    You will make it to 1,000,000 subs by next July

  5. The modular powersuits mod doesnt add its own way of charging, i think, but most mods with a way of charging things are compatible with this mod. the addons mod adds in ways for the suit to recharge itself. Also, you didnt do much customization for the armor. you could make it look like you have no armor on if you wanted. and you never changed the setting on the tools/upgrades you added to the armor. it helps it work better that way, but there is a weight limit that if passed will slow you down.

  6. Tiara Bowman says:

    how are you soooooooooooo good

  7. Lps SnowCat says:

    Fhimim snow fur aka snowcat

  8. i lole the music in the back round i like it

  9. Make a power suit for all the gaurds to fight krakin kid plzzz

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