Ministry – New World Order


Ministry – N.W.O (PSK Edit)

Showcasing footage of the mass psyop phony flag party known as 9/11 that helped wage war in the middle east, produce a phony ”war on terror”, construct the NWO and put into action guidelines that reward it to this day. Subliminal programing was employed along with black magick, for the perpetrators (Masons) it was a Satanic ritual, 3 properties fell that morning in NYC, they were introduced down with explosives and/or directed energy weapons



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  1. Nothing helps me unwind at 3am like this song put to 911 footage

  2. Jason Jensen says:

    Perfect Demolitions.

  3. Mk Ultra says:

    Weird coincidence…I was watching this at 9:11 a.m.

  4. Sume Ho says:

    Great vid, but I'll point out that the vid "new world order" from Ministry came out over 10 years before the event.

  5. Great song! Amazing how difficult the video is to watch all these years later.

  6. Maverick says:

    I just wanted to listen to good music, I didn't care about your false ramblings about an 'inside job.'

  7. I can hear you, and that is interesting; unexpected, I was looking for something random… But what does that mean? I'm not un-decided, but I am un-decided. I can see it, but I wish I could understand it all. That would be an interesting interesting. I enjoy considering everything; I'll of course keep doing that. Your work is very worthy of consideration. That is very rare; thank you.

  8. Joao jr79 says:

    Video and soundtrack to the end of the world! Chocked

  9. Most of the people low I q in America

  10. Fuck you all. Survival of the fittest bitches

  11. Sam T says:

    Fuck the New World Order. In the name of Jesus Christ, all will be judged according to his works.

  12. Aaron B says:

    Nice try guys. I saw them in 92 and they had no clue as to 9/11. This is a good use of video though.

  13. Sometimes it is good to be reminded of what a tragedy this was, so we never forget. This video reminds me of the type of footage bands like Megadeth would have in their videos. Ministry was ahead of their time. This song is just as relevant today as it was back in the 1990s.

  14. roninreturns says:

    Never forget WTC 7 everyone. No plane hit it, and it collapsed in its own 'footprint' hours later, at freefall speed. Even if WTC 1 and 2 weren't implausible enough, WTC 7 is the smoking gun, and one of many.

  15. Quang Le says:

    nice nothing like ministry and cgi planes with coke can aluminium wings go thru 60 man wide steel columns like its made of butter in the morning

  16. phiadongtay says:


  17. Bamby Mouse says:

    Good that this shit has come upon you blind Americans , you never will wake the fuck , you are sleeping and your government is screwing the fuck out of you … you are just plain dumb fucks imo …. wake up and do your civil war !! cleanse your country from corruption … you blind folded idiots !

  18. Bamby Mouse says:

    wake up wake up !!

  19. Sumone Else says:

    "What good fortune it is for governments that the people they govern do not think." – Adolf Hitler

  20. Crash the Jew World Order

  21. PsyOptic 2 says:

    Jew World Order! 911 was done by satanic antichrist Jews.

  22. The Bush Family are fucking Reptiles! And they need to hang!!!

  23. Linda Kloss says:

    i wonder if anyone bothered to take a geiger counter to the wtc scene.

  24. Scary good video you made here.Hm sobering.

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