Mobb Deep – World War 3(Unreleased)


Mobb Deep – World War 3(Unreleased) Dope Cut.


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  1. @lisalopez1100 maybee but how you know its bullshyt thoughh…?? wat if they want you to believe that? but idk you might bee rightt!

  2. Ball e says:

    @caligotspeerbomb No 2pac thought it was bullshit thats the concept of 2pac saying ''killuminati''

  3. Based Hodge says:

    I love all their beats and songs, I give mad props to Mobb deep, true hip hop.

  4. Einan Lom says:

    fucking jlove i want to blast the guy disrespecting mobb

  5. Mrdolo187 says:

    I believe this is from either Mobb Misses pt 1 or pt 2

  6. J Hajj says:

    nighttime vultures?

  7. Ammo Haze says:

    who r the 9 cock suckers that disliked this raw hip hop

  8. The same verses are in the song "The World". I think this actually a remix of those vocals. I know they re-use verses, but this sounds like a remix. Possibly by Hav or J-Love.

  9. Nells718DK says:

    Mobb Misses pt 2 by J-Love.

  10. Blackerflash says:

    wow cant even remember when youtube used a staring system

  11. Ne - Fe. says:

    looking at the time of post, 4 years ago.

  12. Brian Walsh says:

    this is a sh1tty version of more trife life…the original is much better

  13. bigesco88 says:

    No its not you idiot , More trife life is a Hav solo.

    You mean nightime vultures. Its a mix up various verses / songs.

  14. dope shit right there!!

  15. Brandon King says:

    WHOA!!!!  STUPID beat!!!!   #neckcramps  

  16. Greg Oven says:

    the beat is AWESOME

  17. Dan Osanu says:

    Left a wet trail delivered these slugs like air mail, directly at the man that made my mans blood spill. Jeeze

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