Mobile Scanner to be Added to Biometric Data Arsenal



As part of the coordinated biometric border control program, including Secure Communities, a new mobile device called SEEK II has been ordered by Customs and Border Protection.

The Federal Biometric ID program which was announced by ICE back in February of 2011 was introduced under the guise of tracking immigrants who have been booked for crimes by local police.

However, it was quickly revealed through Freedom of Information Act requests by several justice organizations that the program was secretly intended for American citizens as well.

The Secure Communities program itself has expanded well beyond its California testing grounds, and can now be found in 27 states.  It has been mandated by the Federal government that all states need to comply by 2013. (Source)

ICE has been under investigation for misrepresenting its intentions regarding Secure Communities, while the role of the FBI and its push to make mandatory what could have been voluntary, only furthers the suspicion that forcing states to obey a Federal dictate has intentions that far surpass documenting and deporting illegal and dangerous individuals.

Secure Communities is part of the Next Generation Identification program that has been rolled out to supplant the current fingerprint database known as IAFIS. Full biometrics are added to fingerprint information, including: palm scans, voice imprints, iris scans, facial recognition, and other body signatures that form an identity dossier of every individual. Once established, the dossier can be analyzed and communicated in real time between local law enforcement and federal agencies to theoretically deport “illegal and dangerous immigrants.”

The new hand-held device from Cross Match Technologies aggregates facial, fingerprint and iris scan information, as well as the capability to integrate a watchlist database that currently numbers around 120,000, according to a report by Government Security News.

‘The compact, portable solution is designed for rugged field use, making it quick and easy for military, border control and U.S. government agencies to identify subjects and verify their identities in the field,’ explains Cross Match on its Website.

The potential abuse of biometric database systems has led the Center for Constitutional Rights to issue a four-page fact sheet; part of which states a scope of concern that extends even beyond law enforcement abuse:

The accumulation of information in such large databases creates targets for hackers, disgruntled insiders, and national enemies. Information collection projects like NGI greatly endanger national security and leave us vulnerable to identity theft. Using biometric link identifiers introduces the risk that information gathered for one purpose will be used for completely unrelated purposes, without our knowledge or consent, and in blatant violation of our privacy rights. (Source, PDF)

Nearly all of the technology of tyranny has been introduced through supposed border control measures, while the border actually stays perfectly wide open. We have seen drones move from border control to inland functions over America with 63 bases now revealed.

This new mobile device is all but guaranteed to be seen as a useful tool for day-to-day Americans under  a creeping Martial Law structure that sees warrantless invasions as routine.  As the TSA moves out of airports and onto the streets of America to conduct random searches, bullet-proof “Pillbox” checkpoints are established, and internment camps are openly planned for dissidents, we must raise awareness about the hidden intentions of the latest technological developments and their threat to our true safety and security.

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