Moon Axis Poles Shift Clockwise April 8, 2012 – Earth’s Axis Moves NW as Moon Appears in SE April 9 2012 NiBIRU Approach in May 2012


Moon Axis Poles Shift Clockwise April 8, 2012 – Earth’s Axis Moves NW as Moon Appears in SE April 9 2012

Moon Axis Pole Shifts Clockwise Apr 8 2012 12 48 am edt photo linda randall

moon axis pole shifts clockwise april 8 2012 12 48 am edt photo linda randall


source getty images

the idea girl says my photos don’t show all the circles on the moon being upside down. I’ve been watching it this week and i noticed that the moon’s axis tilted and shifted clockwise in the N W skies of Ontario Canada over the Pacific Ocean. I’m assuming the water level’s rose higher when this happened and i’m wondering if earth’s magnetoshphere went backwards as it did on march 12 2012.

the moon’s behavior might be the reason it’s tilting and flipping it’s axis from north to south then back to north.

all ocean levels and rain are causing MASS flooding on many islands in the pacific and southern oceans as I predicted in my videos back in early march.

I figured with over 23 asteroids near earth objects passing by several at a time, their combined gravitational pull is what’s affecting the moon and earth. (my theory)

i just don’t know how to prove it.

I went out for a walk again tonight and the moon’s not in the SW or Nw as usual around 1 00 am edt. it was south EAST.

but get this… I went for a walk at 730 pm and it was in the SE. so how can the moon stay in the same spot for several hours?

unless were spinning backwards or in retrograde?

all i can find is that mars is in retrograde

mars is usually SE of us during most of the night then it slips by on the SW, W by morning.

This time it’s middle of the area so I’d say the earth’s shifted maybe another 25 degrees South East as the moon is shifting North West to South East.

I don’t entirely know if it’s a seasonal change with spring and the equinox or if Nibiru is affecting it with it’s strong gravitational pull between the moon and sun and heading towards earth.

Many say Nibiru is supposed to show itself by Oct, Nov or Dec 2012 and cause a cataclysmic event.

If it’s 17 times bigger or more than earth and we get lots of asteroids passing close by, then yes it could bounce something into our path and that could cause an ELE Extinction Level Event if it were to happen.

Even if it didn’t hit Earth but came close by the gravitational pull would rise the oceans up about 300 feet.

my prediction is if the “atlantic” event will happen, it’s starting to happen now.

with the moon’s tilting, earth’s axis tilts and combination of sun spots triggering the geomagnetic events which in turn heat up earth’s core, causing it to vibrate and puts pressure on volcanoes and creates massive earthquakes in indonesia and southern pacific, atlantic and southern oceans. Then we will see islands disappear under massive amounts of flooding, rainfall which can push an island down into the ocean.

Fiji is a prime example based on the diagrams I saw today 1/2 the island is under water. What if it’s not all from rainfall but just looks like it because of the amount that’s fallen?

Is anyone doing any measurements along the west coast lines to see how much the island has sunk towards the oceans?

and if you look at ocean weather all the WAVE heights have gone from 5ft daily to 25 to 40 feet daily within the last two months.

I’ve been closely watching them shift into high and higher levels of wave heights and noticing that the HIGH winds seem to hit the area’s where the waves are over 25 feet.


Solar wind
speed: 336.0 km/sec
density: 2.9 protons/cm3
explanation | more data
Updated: Today at 0536 UT


Significant Wave Height with Wave Direction South Oceans Pacific Atlantic 25 feet 40 feet waves 9 apr 2012 0600 GMT

fiji floods main island of Viti Levu April 4 2012 floods again april 9 2012

iSWACygnetStreamer earth changes pole shift earths magnetosphere reversal apr 6 2012 13 45 33 UT

source of photo

april 6 2012 7 24 white ufo space ship triangle appears in sun

planet X nibiru by the sun april 2012

nibiru-solarsystem predictions say it will be seen may 2012

the coordinates of Nibiru (5h 53m 27s, -6 10′ 58″) are viewable by a NASA orbit diagram but not on Google Sky.

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  1. kgtatm212 says:

    I have to say thank you to all that do all this research and keep us informed about what really is happening out there. Now I don’t know if this relates to any of these post but i didn’t now where else to go. A friend of mind gave me the google sky web site in which you can watch the constellations with infrared. In the Leo constellation i noticed that they blocked out with a black strip something close to earth. Not far to the left is something throwing huge amounts to energy which has rings and is also blocked off with a black square. This one was in Sag constellation. Any idea what these are?

  2. hoppa012 says:

    already here in egypt dr.mahmoud sobieh already talked about something near to zat

    his article was in arabic at 10-3-2012

    he was talking about the moon and that it was at its full phase for 5 days and zat was Attendant wis an earthquake at arish (a city in egypt), earthquake was 6 strong shakes which caused a lot of pannic for arish people , he says yhat it might be a something happened in the earth & moon axis

    he says that the moon and the earth are in a “spring” phase

    he also talked about the Crescent (helal) was at the first of arabic month not as we usauallly see like “(” but it tilted to be like leeter b in arabic (or “u” in english)

    this is the link

    (sorry for my weak translation)

  3. GJS says:

    Thanks for this.
    I was hanging washing up outside one might earlier in the week & although I could not be certain it was on the 8th April it was within a day either side, the moon looked beautiful in the night sky BUT I did notice something looked different, I looked for a while & then gave myslf an uppercut & told myself I was an idiot & went inside.
    I was still wondering the next day so instead of punching myself again I went online to see if anything “unusual” had reported but no good.
    This arrived tonight & I was relieved (I think) to see I wasn’t crazy, I don’t know if what you say is even possible BUT I know the moon the other night was indeed different some how, I have always liked looking at the moon because my Nan loved it & she’d take me out to look at it as a child.
    Thanks again truther, it’s great to have people such as yourself, we can NOT rely on ANY Gov Dept to tell us the truth about what is happening even though everyone knows “things they are a changin “

  4. dave says:

    I think something big will happen this year,look at all this natural disasters happening on a daily basis

    • Anjith AK says:

      DAVE I THINK THE PROPHESIES where true after all the human civilisation is going to end afterall its time we pay 4 our sins

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