More Desecration Of Halifax Skies


While many people rigidly cling to a worldview that undermines their potential and increasingly drains what little energy they have left, the deafening roar of short-sighted obedience drowns out daily images of the desecration of our skies which would otherwise go noticed.

Fear of the unfamiliar penetrates almost everyone I’ve ever talked to.  The trail of destruction that has been left by the masses is quite the sight.  War after war after war, but we can’t stand “awkward” silences.  Willful blindness has become a sport.  Almost everybody I meet is a great liar (or at least seems to try their best at it).  Morality has been co-opted.

We are so high on coffee, self-absorbed and busy with our own so-called “lives” that we barely have time to tilt our skulls (or eyeballs) 45 degrees upward when no buildings are in the way.

If we did, we might sooner come to the realization that weather modification is an unfortunate reality.

I’ve been watching the sky like a hawk for quite a while now.

The past month and a half I’ve witnessed unprecedented amounts of scalar electromagnetic waves dominating the skies here in Halifax, Canada.

It was frequent before but now it seems to be almost non-stop and should attract the attention of even the most casual observer.  Even as I write this, another barrage of manipulation is up there yet again.


By the way, the technology at hand is not just used for weather modification but also has military applications that go beyond merely inflicting drought on a population.  Causing earthquakes, beaming sounds into your head, and creating deceptive holograms (1, 2, 3, 4) are just a few of the sinister applications.


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  1. m says:

    not to worry the real ones will show up, making this mute.

  2. awfis says:

    They been chemtrails for the last couple of days in Phoenix and the pics you have up I have see in the skys

  3. Johnv says:

    What a dumb video! How is these clouds strange? They look like ordanary clouds to me!

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