More Pokémon are here!


Professor Willow has discovered Togepi and Pichu hatching from Eggs! Starting later today, Trainers will have the opportunity to hatch these and several other …


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  1. 9razzler9 says:

    people waited for pvp. this is unneeded distraction

  2. Look Niantic… let me explain something to you. It is CLEAR at this point that you do not get what is at the heart and soul of Pokémon. People who are die hard fans of this game love Pokémon because we have the ability to BATTLE and COMPETE with our friends! We also have experiences that tie us to our friends because we are able to TRADE which allows for us to grow and develop as a group and a community. You have given us catchable Pokémon and allowed for us to go into our world to find them and make them our own. That is GREAT, but that is just step one. You are not truly giving us anything more than little character avatars to stick in gyms and tear down gyms that don't belong to our team. I love Pokémon and really want more for this game, but you really need to get the fact that more people would be willing to go out and explore if you gave us what makes Pokémon what it is in the first place! Right now, you are failing this community who has loved this game for years and all you really need to understand is that we could all get what we want together, but you aren't listening to us and you aren't learning from us about what we want and what makes us love Pokémon in the first place! We need to take our Pokémon that we caught and show them off in battle to our friends. We need to be able to trade that friend of ours a Pokémon neither of us have. We need to be able to feel connected, but how you have set up this game and its current status has us divided and torn apart. Please… respond. Let us know you are listening and give us some hope! Either that or just tell us that you aren't giving us this because it doesn't align with what you are attempting to promote with your game. We, as a community who loves this game, deserve an answer.

  3. The game is dead so put all of the gen 2 Pokémon in the to make it good again

  4. I am very disappointed in you niantic

  5. PO WA says:


  6. Moki says:


  7. felix shams says:

    people still playing this game?

  8. honestly expected a john cena at 0:07

  9. sorry im done with Pokemon go

  10. Yuan Meng says:

    We are indeed getting so many 5k eggs, as indicated in the video.

  11. My phone is lollipop and not rooted but i can't play this like what?? before the update i can play but now why … pls

  12. indev says:

    pokemon go. more like, pokemon snow

  13. Angkasa Biru says:

    if niantic want to revive Pokemon Go, make a feature that player can go battle with another player anytime anywhere. that should do it.

  14. 6miz9 says:

    Pokemon Gone. lol

  15. me encanto m7cho soy fan de pokemon go

  16. Paul Kwan says:

    just release gen 2 Niantic before pokemon go is far more than dead

  17. Nick Quah says:

    Oh and Niantic, stop affiliating with pokemon. Pokemon go will never be true pokemon all you do is walk, tap and swipe. Where's the strategy?

  18. i hatched an elekid

  19. My mom died yesterday can i plz get 20 likes? D:

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