MSNBC Defends State Senator Who Told Gun Rights Activist “Go F**k Yourself”

Paul Joseph Watson

Ailing network attacks Infowars correspondent for asking real questions

MSNBC host Chris Hayes rushed to defend Rhode Island State Senator Josh Miller (D) after he told a gun rights activist “go fuck yourself,” laying the blame instead on Infowars correspondent Dan Bidondi for daring to ask real questions of public officials.

MSNBC Defends State Senator Who Told Gun Rights Activist “Go Fk Yourself”

Labeling Miller’s outburst “absolutely justifiable profanity,” Hayes criticized RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer merely for tweeting out a link to the YouTube video of the exchange which shows both Miller and a member of his staff telling Bidondi to “go fuck yourself” after Bidondi spoke out against Miller’s unconstitutional stance on the second amendment.

Obviously the thousands of Americans who besieged Miller over his response didn’t perceive the Representative’s behavior to be “absolutely justifiable”. The backlash was so severe that Miller was forced to terminate his entire Facebook page after issuing a public apology. The vast majority of the near 700 respondents who commented on the YouTube video were also not impressed.

Hayes then launched into a character assassination of Bidondi over the fact that the Infowars correspondent dared to ask real questions of public officials during the aftermath of last year’s Boston marathon bombing. Such investigative inquiry was noticeably lacking when, for example, the establishment media virtually buried the story of how Ibragim Todashev was shot in the head six times during FBI questioning after the FBI initially lied by claiming Todashev attacked an agent with a knife.

The corporate press was also AWOL when it came to the innumerable inconsistencies surrounding the bombing and the manhunt itself, leaving a void that was filled by the likes of Infowars. However, that didn’t stop Hayes’ fellow MSNBC host Alex Wagner and guests ludicrously blaming the Boston bombing on Alex Jones while smearing him as “deeply racist” with no evidence whatsoever.

For people like Hayes, who make a living out of being water carriers for Obama administration talking points, the very thought of an independent reporter having the gall to act how real journalists are supposed to act – in an adversarial manner against the state – is a horrific notion.

While Bidondi’s style is that of a journalistic bulldog and may not to be everyone’s taste, the mere fact that he has the guts to actually challenge public officials on their statements is something that fills the castrated, compliant mainstream media with sheer terror.

Bidondi is an embarrassment to the likes of MSNBC and Chris Hayes because he holds up a mirror to corporate presstitutes and shows them up for what they are – smug, smarmy, teleprompter reading empty suits whose only function is to regurgitate state propaganda.

Hayes finishes his monologue by citing his own lackluster character assassination of Bidondi in an effort impugn the integrity of the entire second amendment.

MSNBC’s defense of Miller’s f-bomb only serves to illustrate how fundamentally out of touch the network is with the vast majority of Americans, underscoring why a recent Gallup poll found trust in television news was at an all time low.

As we reported yesterday, a new Pew Research study shows that MSNBC has recently lost a quarter of its viewers. The new figures followed on from reports in November last year that both CNN and MSNBC had lost nearly half their audience over the previous 12 months, with the two networks losing 59% and 52% respectively in the crucial demographic of viewers aged 25 to 54.

MSNBC’s slogan is “lean forward” but judging by these figures, if hosts like Chris Hayes lean forward any further, they will plummet into the same bottomless pit down which MSNBC’s ratings have plunged.

Memo to MSNBC and Chris Hayes; Leaping to the defense of slimy politicians like Josh Miller as a means of trashing the constitution is not going to win back your hemorrhaging audience. However, we invite you to persevere with such behavior so that the likes of Infowars and other alternative news sources can continue to steal what’s left of your dwindling audience. Thanks, Chris!

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