MTA Grafuroam – Just Playing Part 3 (World War 3)


Just playing in Grafuroam! World War 3! 😀 Grafuroam 3.0 IP:


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  1. Grafuroam says:

    Ultimate Assasin Creed Song :)

  2. nice paul ! 😀


  3. nice paul ! 😀


  4. nice paul ! 😀


  5. Diego Neira says:

    [SR][BOSS]Paul is very pro (BENJA or [SR]Creppypasta


  6. Asfaltas_LT says:

    Nice Paul i'am [SR]Tauris

  7. Im the moderator! Ryanrc!

  8. Hah and you told me if i dont change server name you want to ddos( hack) me?haha i know you are not the best at Scripting but you are a good example for the (fo )police or realife police hhh

  9. paris farnce says:

    i'm in the video 😀 [KOS]Souli  i miss old time !:(

  10. Skinny Van34 says:

    im a player of this server : (MCS)SkinnyVan34

  11. my gta sa is nearly finished please god dont let my mta fail

  12. grafu i got a job for ya, it is a mod that this server will need if there is any. A mod that makes it more realistic i mean like physics. It should show how people die like in gta v, like it shows how realistic they die. Find a mod that will interact propley with the server and its mods . if it requires a core mod you dont have find it.

  13. 99% done i repeat my gta sa is 99% finished installing

  14. I hate vips in this server always disturbing by missile

  15. please make a ghost house in grafuroam hope u like my idea

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