MTV Video Music Awards..(VMA) Nick Joans Illuminati message EXPOSED!Re load


MTV Music Video Awards (VMA) Illuminati hidden message exposed!!! Foreshadowing the next 9/11… illuminati MTV video music awards 2016 Here’s the link to …


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  1. Love the hard work you bring . TTFU!

  2. Shawn C says:

    Gonna be 11-9 this time.

  3. day after the election.

  4. Elpis 61 says:

    BACON ……B A CON.(Be a Con man).
    Great video Killak38.

  5. Truth Seeker says:

    good stuff killak your the only one who made a video in this


    check out my video and pet goat two shows 9:11 November 9th also I want to share your video with other video

  7. You(NAZI)tube ACTUALLY recommended this channel (for ONCE) but when I clicked THAT (the one you're re-uploading or HERE) link (this morning)– only 12 hours later, it was GONE! So THANKS for finding a way to re-upload this! Me thinks you're on to SOMETHING– YouNAZII (ooops… youtube) CERTAINLY did! 🙂 (

  8. A GAME DIARY says:

    Deep bro that is deep

  9. Hoi Banpang says:

    Does the song go; Hello its the hidden hand, tick tock yo, look at this clock it says 11 9 !!! yehi yeaahh!.. ???

  10. elmin82 says:

    he's from Disney , what did you expect ?

  11. luc white says:


    To you and all it absolutely not 9/11.
    Watch the clock better it is 23/9 man and 23/9 many movies,songs,series etcccc point to this date event.
    239 it is the number or the nuclear.
    If you see dollars bills all this mean is a false flag attack to begin ww3 and messiah.
    Why suddenly some european country told citizens last week to stock food water where in your life do you remember that the government warns citizens.
    Something big is about to happens to cancel the us elections.
    Astéroid or nuclear attack or Emp attack .
    The new world order take some delays and now it must be accelerate before 2018 one world currency and 2020 with the messiah

  12. Em Jay says:

    Hey Killak, I just wanted to point out a couple things if I may. If you look closely after the ticktock part you will see a women doing the upside down dance (flipping everything) then everyone starts to wave the "white flag" a moment later a guy is break dancing (upside down again)

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