‘MURDER 4’ Official Trailer – Emraan Hashmi And Elli Avram || Upcoming Movie || Bollywood News 2016


Emraan Hashmi fans good news for all of you.He will be back in the Murder series after starring in the first two installments. The shooting of the film will start in …


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  1. john verdal says:

    Elli Avram ko chus neme maza ayega Hashmi ko. Lucky bastard.

  2. Romeo Baba says:

    Chutiye bulle

  3. Super Hit Best

  4. Shuvam Gupta says:

    fuck u is this official trailer u asshole

  5. Total chutiyagiri he. . This is not Movies trailer….bullshit..

  6. Noman Ali says:

    murder 4 ,raaz 4 i think mohit suri should make a sequel of awarapan

  7. Shut the fuck up and show some trailer!…Asshole!

  8. भट्ट भाई भारतीय संसकृति को खत्म ही कर देगें..कितनी भी गाली दो कम ही है इस परिवार को

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