Music Industry Exposed – Part 6 – Illuminati Puppets


Documentary from 2009 by Farhank. Follow me on Twitter @ Due to YouTube demonetising many of my videos, please …


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  1. most celebs get this if they're abusing drugs although Tupac is differ.

  2. anything happen to that Brother its on in the streets.word up

  3. Ty Bradford says:

    Much love for DMX

  4. Morbid says:

    Man, they shoulda did one on Ol Dirty Bastard. How we gonna forgot how the Wu did him? (even tho RZA was the brains of it)

  5. Allen Arroyo says:

    You gotta pay to play
    DMX said it himself that he sold his soul to the devil and the price was cheap

  6. Tlpa 28 says:

    This is an absolutely brilliant series… Nuff respect vigilant citizen

  7. Betty M says:

    TMZ. Celebrity equalizer.

  8. This whole series was ass. Farhank goes too far. DMX being readied for murder yet he's still alive and doing fine 7 years later. Suck a dick with that shit.

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