Music Industry Exposed – Part 8 – Illuminati Puppets


Documentary from 2009 by Farhank. Follow me on Twitter @ Due to YouTube demonetising many of my videos, please …


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  1. Vc,i beg of you, watch the Hidden colors documentaries!

  2. At 4:59 Oprah is doing the Masonic hand sign. smh.

  3. MJ never sold his soul.
    are u kidding me hes a satanic pedophile & he was sold out as a sex slave kid by his father. MJ. worked 4 SATAN 100%

  4. Why would you upload a seven year old documentary, say compared to a newer one?? I haven't specifically seen this one made by Farhank but I've seen the clips used individually, and I think most of your subscribers are aware of it, at least I was since I can't speak for anyone else..

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