Must See: 9/11 In Plane Site – Full Length Documentary


In Plane Site, the Power Hour documentary, Complete in it’s Entirety, that was on the air in Canada in 2004!
When most of the world knows the truth about 911 it’s a shame that American citizens are left in the dark. The military-industrial coalition has a vested interested in promoting discontent and war around the world. It’s done at your expense and at the cost of your sons and daughters.



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  1. silverster says:

    Very short of many other solid informations.4000 jewish imployees called off sick that day.Dancind and taking pictures by bunch of israely jews.Convincing proof of inside job orchestrated by Bush administration,the CIA,The Zionist israel,and,the Saudi Famrly,(via the Ben-Laden famely) This documentry,seems to be done by jewish authors showig true events,and hiding the true criminals:The Zionist jews,as no.1 conspirator.

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