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Some believe the earliest documentation of alien visitation to Earth exists in prehistoric cave paintings and petroglyphs, wherever drawings of weird humanoid figures characteristic distinctively non-human attributes and anatomy, which include helmets and other accoutrements far too advanced to be from the historic earth. Arguably, this is the very first evidence in what would come to be a centuries-lengthy around the globe enigma that has exploded into preferred tradition, but has yielded small tangible proof. From the prehistoric drawings by way of the Roswell incident, stories of weird and unexplainable sightings in the skies have come to be section of an unofficial historic document. With the proliferation of movie and picture know-how in the modern era, stories of these situations together with visible evidence have only amplified. 95% of UFO sightings are fake, ensuing either from misidentification or deliberate hoaxes. But the other five% are unable to be dismissed Secret Access: UFOS ON THE File focuses on people five%.

Primarily based on the newly released book UFO’s: Generals, Pilots and Government Officers Go On the File, this two-hour unique explores sightings that are supported by many creditable sources, from Air Pressure and professional pilots, FAA officers, investigators, navy Generals and NASA officers as very well as challenging facts: photographs, film, radar and audio recordings. This evidence presents a startling appear at the quite genuine likelihood of alien visitation.


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