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link :

The hair I’m wearing is from :
Pre-plucked Hairline 360 Lace Wig | 180% Heavy Density | Virgin Brazilian Human Hair | Body Wave [NLW02]

Hair Type: Virgin Brazilian Hair
Hair length:18 inches
Hair Color: Natural Color
Hair Style: Body Wave
Hair Density:180% Heavy Density
Wig Cap: 360 Wig cap ( Lace around, front 4in lace ,back 2 in lace & wefts at crown)
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The curly hair I am wearing in the beginning of this video is from my collection. It is the Kairo Kurl in 22,20,18 plus 14″ lace closure



37 Responses

  1. Spaceshipb14 says:

    My head is always too small for the wigs too 🙁 i always sew the bunching in the back

  2. Ruchyy says:

    When you said girls with a large forehead, what do you mean we'll be laughing? Laughing as a good thing or bad?? Will it fit better?

  3. ItsNanaYaa says:

    Lmaoooo her friends in the backhad be dying at the end of the video

  4. Have you tried the freeze spray? Yeah that black cover gel is shady! I'm going to try the yellow cover thanks! Lol

  5. Celina Liya says:

    Damn girl that curly wig! I NEED!

  6. what lace color did you get? med brown or dark brown?

  7. Shabre Gantt says:

    the link is not taking me to a pre plucked 180% density body wave….can u update the information or provide the direct link to this hair

  8. Sada' Demoin says:

    I'm loving this wig?

  9. Yochana Irie says:

    I me get need to try the yellow one because the black one partially works for me

  10. FINALLY a use for ALL this extra forehead ?

  11. Doll Baby says:

    I wanna know what they were looking at lol

  12. Jazmin Lewis says:

    But the gag is, I want to know what your friends was gagging about in the background at the end ???

  13. So I bought a 360 for the first time and the sides just weren't long enough. Is that because its too small or did I not full it down enough or what? I'm so annoyed that it isn't working because I really really want it to

  14. Bella Chanel says:

    1:29 LOVE IT! Your HILARIOUS!!!

  15. Chae Janae says:

    With the black got2b, it works well when I tie it down, do my makeup or detangle the hair for 15-20min.

  16. The 360 isn't bad (and gently waved hair frames your beauty well) but I think – like personal style – the right kind of hair finds us in the end. (I now have an image of a weave inching its way to its owner panting and undulating across the floor frowns)
    For me, wearing a frontal would be akin to wearing a set of Mr T gold chains. Right for some, wrong for me 🙂

  17. Alicia Mc says:

    I'm looking to get my first one… this was a good review. thanks!

  18. what a refreshing ,delightful, cheery video?

  19. mydestiny84 says:

    Love it! But bout your friend tho! The highlight that was beaconing from the door and with no lights on! Yes that's what's up!

  20. i get you confused with beautifulbrwnbabydol lol

  21. Lmao I knew you were irritated ??

  22. Lil neets says:

    6.03 the ladies in the back tho ???

  23. Lil neets says:

    100k you go girl!!! more than peak mill ??

  24. Are you back in Toronto?

  25. Jhenneal E says:

    I legit want to know what her friends where looking at towards the end of the video

  26. Jade Green says:

    you're my favorite

  27. Shalisa F. says:

    Yes! 100k! Congrats!!!a

  28. tamika smith says:

    please tell me the name of the wig you have on in the beginning…the link above does not take me directly to it….

  29. Fiona says:

    Yaaassss! Baby girl show them whatchu working with!! Slaying for days in love with the wig ??????

  30. QuirKyisOK says:

    Your are so funny. And the wig is fire also!

  31. what is the wig you had on at first?

  32. Just Tatenda says:

    Do they ship internationally? This Wig is bomb! The wigs I have I've made but I want to try one already made xx

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